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  • 截图整个网页清晰度不好,放大模糊 希望改进
  • Stopped working. I try to screenshot a region of the screen and the only thing that happens is that I'm "stuck" at the top of the page. To scroll down I have to reload the page, and no screenshot happens.
  • 截图比实际图像要大
  • Kompletter Schrott. Bereiche können nicht ausgewählt werden und noch schlimmer, erfolgte Screeenshots sind nirgendwo auffindbar, weder in Download, noch in Dokumenten, noch unter Bilder.
  • Does not appear 2 take a screenshot of a region of a webpage, so this has been removed from Firefox ; something is not working with this add-on
  • сваю задачу выполняет
  • Awesome add-on. Helps a lot when you need a screenshot of entire page.
  • Macht genau was es soll, ohne mit Zusatzfunktionen überladen zu sein :)
  • The user experience seems great, but one thing needs to be improved, not all display language converted to Chinese traditional.
  • unable to capture whole page
  • Can not catch whole page with long height.
  • Doesn't do whole site screenshot (tried to load fully it, scroll down, doesn't helped)
  • I've tested the add-on under Manjaro Linux, and it works for me.

    But why would I need it, when Firefox already has a screenshots feature?

    The "Feedback" link takes me to a Chinese website.
    In hindsight, this makes sense, because "Mozilla Online is an organization that operates in China and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mozilla Corporation."
    However, I was expecting an English website, because the AMO page itself is in English, at least when I look at it:

    It's also strange that the AMO page doesn't have a link to the add-on's Github page:

    Looks like someone didn't read Mozilla's "best practices" guide: