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276 reviews for this add-on
  • Love getting back my privacy, ,tired of ads...Thank you

  • It blocks unwanted tracker networks and gives quick access to DuckDuckGo search bar. I like the very clean design. Keep up the good work.

  • Adicionar o DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials?
    Requer sua permissão para:

    É isso que vocês chamam de privacidade?


    Add DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials?
    Requires your permission to:

    Is this what you call privacy?

  • great addition to ublock origin - one for adds, this one for tracking

  • I installed it but it does nothing

  • Excellent!!!

  • 3 stars for now. I won't be ready to tell the world how wonderful this extension is until:

    1. there is an easily used UI option to allow a blocked tracker, in order for a site to work properly--not just to whitelist an entire site

    2. release notes are available either in or directly in the available updates in the add-on manager. When I do an update, I have no idea what I'm updating. Might be something I don't want.

  • Making me feel a little more comfortable surfing the web, free from spooky trackers.

  • so weit zwar ok, - aber wenn man es deinstalliert,
    lässt sich die Startseite nicht mehr wirklich ändern - sie Springt immer wieder auf DuckDuckgo zurück.
    Es lässt sich also nicht wirklich deinstallieren!

    und sowas kenn ich eigentlich nur von Adware und ähnliches Zeug.

    Sowas geht gar nicht!

  • Je viens de perdre une heure a chercher pourquoi je n'accédais pas à un lien http:// dans une page en https.
    eh bien c'est bien ce plugin qui transforme à la volée ce lien !

  • If you're complaining about being locked out of websites you can simply turn off privacy protection.

  • If you are wondering why Videos can't be Loaded on websites, then this Extension is very FAULTY.
    I had to Uninstall this Extension, Because it was Blocking a Live TV channel website, from my Country Cyprus:
    It couldn't load the video to watch the channel. Other browsers was loading the video with no problem.
    I discovered that it was this Addon, Because I had to go through a "Painstaking process" Disabling ALL of my addons and start Enabling them back again from the start. One-by-one, to discover which Addon was faulty.
    And this addon was blocking this channel video.

  • Its the best add-on

  • easy to use, most of the time i don't even notice it's there but it still does its thing: go go duckduckgo!

  • Yuh,good one

  • Pas mal manquerais cependant un upgrade insecure request

  • working as of 14 Feb 2018

  • C x

  • I hated it! The extension locked me out of my bank account that is protected by Trusteer.

  • When I installed this on my old box (Compaq Presario, 2GB RAM) and my Asus Netbook (Windows 10 version I bought a year ago), it slowed down Firefox so much that new tabs would not load. It swallowed 100% of my Disk access. I was about to abandon Firefox until I followed the recommendation to disable my add-ons. When I disabled this plugin, the problem disappeared.

  • Amazing !!!!! It should be available for android's firefox too !!!

  • Simpel ,einfachsnel und gut qua securty ! 5 sternen wert !. Gruss Tom.

  • I've become a big fan of duckduckgo over the past few years as I've grown more aware of the rampant privacy/security transgresisions that flock with you everywhere you go on the web. I like this extension - it worked well enough, but for me it felt like a bit of a compromise so that more people will use it (which I think is a really good thing in a lot of ways) compared to the mix of privacy/security extensions I usually run. That extra protection comes at the cost of lots of manual feedback/whitelisting/blacklisting to pretty much every new site I got to which is a pain in the ass, and is prone to breaking sites which means I've got to spend more time tinkering with the settings. This extension however, seemed to work well enough out of the box and hasnt created any issues with breaking sites.

    If you're at all concerned about privacy, or feel violated by companies watching everything you do on the web and then selling that to whomever is willing to pay for it, but arent wanting to spend anything more than a nominal amount of time to protect yourself than this is a great option.

  • Me sinto seguro com essa aplicação, muito obrigado!

  • Doesn't consistently force HTTPS. How hard can that be? To be fair, HTTPS Everywhere fails also. Example site:

    Update 1: Do you really need a list for that? cannot you simple try HTTPS version of the site?

    Developer response

    Hi, thanks for the feedback. Our current list covers most of the traffic on the Web, and we believe it is the most comprehensive out there, but it does not yet include every site. We are working on expanding it as quickly as possible, however.