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  • good, 10/10

  • Read stuff, really helped me move from chrome to firefox now that you added it on here. Thanks so much! Although firefox sometimes struggles to load pages, and blames a script within this extension. Guess early bugs are to be expected, since this is a recent addition to the store

  • Finally.
    I used Chrome in the past. I loved this extension.
    When i've changed to FireFox, i was sad that this extension wasn't avialable. But finally it is now.

    Great extension. Genious!

  • It works very well on Windows. But the page doesn't turn dark on android.

  • it makes Firefox hang and so slow

  • Best "automatic dark mode" addon available. Does an exceptional job of dynamically making things dark with minimal errors. I can't browse the web without this now.

  • This is an essential plug-in for lovers of Dark screens. Also supports themes from Userstyles.org so you can get your customisation fixes without using Stylish and having your browsing history tracked.

    DR is so much better than using dark styles from userstyles.org, because of it's dynamic analysis. It is rare to see images made negative, the per-site toggle is an amazing feature too when DR gets it wrong, which is also rare.

    Thank you! I've been manually porting/compiling the Chrome extension ever since FF Quantum, but this direct support is really huge! DR was my Killer Chrome extension and now I'm finally free to use my fave browser Firefox exclusively.

    Together with FF61's native Dark theme, and UI tweaks, Firefox is the perfect late-night hacking browser for web developers and webadmins.

  • Slows down Firefox so badly. Even slows down my TST set up, which is fine with other darkify extensions. The features and capabilities are amazing, but this resource hog made using firefox unbearable in some situations, so I have had to remove it in favor of a more simple extension that still gets the main job done without slowing down my browser.

  • Looks nice and has some customization options. A previous dark mode extension I used tended to break some website elements, but I haven't yet noticed any issues with this one. This also excludes images, which is nice.

  • you tub seed it was cool

  • It doesn't do anything!

    Oh...correction. Once I restart Firefox it seems to do some things: slows down page/tab loading substantially, and the Dark Reader control drop-down loads sometimes, other times it just sits there as a little bubble. And perhaps coincidentally after the restart, my Google email page died and Google was no longer available -- until I again restarted Firefox, then it worked fine. Most Firefox add-ons either don't require restarting, or if they do then the add-on tells me to restart. Hmm?

    All in all, Dark Reader seems like a nice idea but it doesn't give me nice, warm feelings for dependability. And perhaps the intro. page should show a typical before/after example image so I know what I'm signing on for.

    Keep trying...I uninstalled it but I'll check back.

  • Have tried a lot of other night mode addons for firefox and I have to say this is my favourite. However it looks like there is a bit strain on cpu and sslows down firefox if you have other intensive stuff open and I cannot have a game on and many tabs open. But apart from that this addon is great as it actually turns pages to dark without interrupting important objects too much which a lot of other popular dark mode add ons do. Please make this add on less laggy though if possible.

  • Best night mode out of all . Works with Firefox Nightly .Other dark modes tends to break with nightly version but this doesn't .Love it .

  • this is so close to being perfect.

    websites look great but some are running slower and giving errors. i'll check back in a month or two to see if it has been updated!

  • Pages load extremely slow after installing this extension. Besides an ad blocker, I have no other extensions installed and I found that some pages wouldn't even load without a "stop script" pop-up.

  • Great extension with an attractive and intuitive interface. It gets it right probably 95% of the time, which I think is perfectly acceptable for an extension that is basically a hack to darken websites that were not originally designed to be dark. This is one of those extensions that once you've used it, it's very hard to go back. Also works perfectly on Firefox for Android.

  • Приятно для глаз, благодарю.

  • После установки расширения, ни сайты почти не грузятся, ни сам браузер. Даже в настройки с трудом входит, чтобы удалить расширение.
    Firefox Quantum 60.0.2 (64-бит)

  • Beautiful dark theme. Save my eyes. Must have this add-on.

  • Just about perfect!!!! THANK YOU!

  • Simple to use, working and open source ! Just Perfect.

  • Perfekt, danke!

  • Good to have. I would give 5 stars instead of 3 if there was a feature that would, when enabled, automatically turn this add-on off and on according to daylight and nighttime, respectively.

  • Where have you been all these years. Must have for every Firefox and Chrome user!

  • очень круто преобразует страницы и затемняет, но систему грузит страшно.