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  • The Firefox version makes using this thing so annoying. It's great under Chrome but for some reason it slows down load times so much it's impossible to use with Firefox.

    I mean, it's a great idea and when it works it works well, but if I wanted to wait 5 seconds for each page to load I'd stop paying for my high speed cable connection. I gave up on Chrome after the latest update and wanted to move all my plugins over to Firefox. The is the only one that caused enough hassle that I had to give it up. Too bad I got so used to it under Chrome.
  • Best Extension for my ayes
  • Its a Great extension but unfortunately the page loading is about a 4sec difference when its on and off on most sites so I disable it unless im reading a long forum.
  • The best looking dark mode for Firefox, however as mentioned by others, would love to be able to set a time for it to automatically turn on/off, and also it still has some performance issues - it would slow down pages or even the whole browser
  • Works better! More compatible than the other options. Thanks!
  • É exatamente o que eu precisava!
  • Awesome add-on but the Firefox version slows down a lot the browser. The Chrome version is perfect (but the browser isn't)
  • Love it thanks!
  • Just perfect!
  • There are many like it, but this one is the best. Although I wish there was an option to turn it on/off automatically based on time/location.
  • This was the only extensions that was keeping me in chrome/chromium. Since its now in firefox, I have no reason to stick with these browsers, and am back in firefox.
  • Good but it does slow down page speeds considerably.
  • It surely has pretty design and smoothly darkens most of common sites BUT it slows down page loading for even MINUTES. Firefox 61.0, wire connection, works with speed-of-light without add-on.
  • I experimented with a few different "dark mode" extensions and this one gives the nicest result.
  • Nicely helpful for shading pages and helping to reduce eyestrain.
    Thank you,
  • Thanks for this add-on, I can't browse without it! I love to be able to swith it easily between light and dark !
  • Muy bonito y funciona en la mayoría de páginas.
  • so far I really love the app
  • Es muy bueno, pero comúnmente ralentiza las búsquedas y genera problemas de compatibilidad con ciertas paginas, por ejemplo Gmail.
  • Bonne extension. Je confirme, c'est plus agréable la nuit. Merci au dev.
    Good extension. I confirm, it's more pleasant at night. Thanks to the dev.
  • nice
  • klass
  • Good
  • Does a great job of styling, but at the cost of page-load speed. Pretty sluggish performance while using this add-on.