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  • This one is the best of all similar extensions at the time of writing this review. All that you might need (several eye-strain reducing modes, adjustable variables, per-site options, quick-access toggling, nice looking UI) this one has and it works very well. Very intuitive to use. We need more quality code like this, donate if you like it!
  • GREAT !!!!!
  • se non ci fosse bisognerebbe inventarlo.grazie da me e dai miei occhi
  • Отличная задумка 5+
    При этом сильно снижает скорость загрузки сайтов и сильно нагружает ресурсы ПК.
    Надеюсь, что плагин будет оптимизирован.
  • Extensão pesada fazendo o sistema travar completamente.
  • As others have said, this addon works, but the performance hit is just too great on Firefox.
    Works well on Chrome, though.
  • The extension is fantastic, far better than any alternative I know of.

    BUT: it seems to run significantly less smoothly than on Chrome, specifically running horribly on Google sites (Gmail, Calendar), Facebook and others. If you could some how address this issue it'll be great.
  • Wow, awesome, everything seems dark, fast & beautiful, nice work
  • Долго грузит сайты, некоторые сайты вообще не отображаются.
  • Good extension but it slows down the browser a lot.
  • good!
  • featurewise it's a good add-on but it's slowing down the surfing so much i had to deactivate it.
  • Works very well!!!