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  • Doesn't seem to show Favicons beside entries for me?
  • Get a better bookmark extension, this one is really really basic and minimal.
  • Please show thumbnails for bookmarks. Only feature required
  • I am a newbie and I like this very much - more later
  • Sometimes when i click on the icon, bookmarks dont appear i have to hover the mouse on to that blank to make the bookmarks appear.
  • C' est exceptionnellement bon! Une tuerie, foncez les amis.
  • Live bookmarks do not work. This is very sad because here is big potential for addons to improve over the default bookmark view in Firefox. Firefox does for example not show a counter how many news are available per folder (which would be very nice, as it was the case with LiveClick which sadly got destroyed by Firefox Quantum). But this addon doesn't either, it does not even show live bookmarks, they seem to be forgotten by the programmer. (Although the screenshots show some live bookmarks, but either it's fake or earlier version)

    On the plus side, the addon indeed shows regular bookmarks. Wow. That's it. What's the benefit over the Firefox default bookmark menu? None. So unfortunately a useless addon. 2/5 stars.
    I would like to support live bookmarks, but last I checked (which was admittedly a few months back) Firefox add-ons still had no way of accessing them. So though I would love to bring back the features of earlier versions (as you saw in the screenshots which I forgot to update) right now it is impossible.

    The only reason I can see anyone using this right now is it gives quick access using up less toolbar space?? Really not sure, don't use it myself.

    EDIT: They are not "forgotten" I deliberately filer them out since I can't make them work.

    EDIT 2: You might be wondering now why I even released this, well it was everyone asking for updates for the newer versions of Firefox, and this was the best I could come up with.
  • It's a good idea and I wish I could use it to reduce clutter, but it's just not a very good extension. You can't middle-click items, you can't add fav icons if you want them, folders are always open (I'd rather they be collapsed by default). It's an OK extension if you just have a handful of bookmarks toolbar icons, but I primarily have folders filled with lots of items.. so my list is huge in this extension, and requires tons of scrolling. Not for me.
  • Almost perfect! The one thing it doesn't do is fireoff bookmarklets. My bookmarks bar solely consists of bookmarklets; I was hoping to save screen real estate, but this won't do.

    The developer has already responded to an earlier review, this isn't possible in FF. If it ever is I'll reinstall.
  • Does exactly what I want which is a drop down menu with a simple list of bookmarks with NO favicons (I hate those things!). Better than a toolbar that won't create an extra bar when it runs out of room (just gives an overflow drop down menu) or going through two menu choices just to get to the bookmarks which is Firefox default.
  • It works great with http: links, but not file: links, bookmarklets or javascript. The bookmark icon handles these fine. But this is the only addon that reduces "screen real-estate" so I'm going to use it.
    Firefox 57 was not really ready for prime time. I'm thinking of returning to 56 or even Chrome until they get this hog working nicely.
    file: links can't be opened by WebExtensions at this time. Nothing I can do about that for now.
  • Does not work for me.
    All I have when I click on the button is a small empty rectangular area appearing just below the button.
    Nothing in it.

    Answer #1
    - looks like I cannot answer to the answer .. :-) So editing my review to answer the question ... -
    This is Firefox 57.0.2
    There should be only the "Most visited" folder for now, and then a number of bookmars in that one. That folder and its contents do not appear in the button panel.
    I tried adding a bookmark in the personal toolbar = it showed in the button panel, but again no "Most visited" piece ..
    Is that normal ??
    I looked at the browser console (Ctrl+Shitf+J), but nothing meaningful that seems related to that add-on.

    Answer #2
    - It seems you can use https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Add-ons/WebExtensions/API/topSites to get what is behind that "folder" ..
    What version of Firefox are you using? How many items are actually on your toolbar and should appear? Do you know how to check the Browser Console for errors that might be relevant to this?

    Edit: It would be much easier if you used my website to contact me. But what you describe is normal. There is currently no way for extensions to interact with live bookmarks like the "Most Visited" folder, so there is no point in showing it, as I can't get the contents.
  • Does not work for me. What I have on my bookmark toolbar is a bunch of folders. I want to be able to drill down into the folder I choose. It expands all of them, which makes the resulting list way too long. Whether or not it expands folders should be configurable.
    Hi, I am going to add this in the future. Right now it is just simple basic functionality.
  • Does what it says.
    As previous poster suggested, a favicon addition would be welcome indeed.
    Firefox currently does not provide extensions with the favicons of bookmarks. Hoping they do soon. There is a work around, but I view it as a privacy issue, so I will not use it.
  • I registered just to be able to give it 5 stars. Perfect to avoid burn-in on my plasma TV. Would be more pretty if it displayed Favicons as well but I'm still very happy! :-)
  • Great idea. Not usable until collapsible.
  • Nice plugin! Almost all that I wanted since Google Shortcuts got deprecated.
  • The groups of bookmarks REALLY need to be collapsible before I can use it. But when that is fixed it will be a useful replacement for the defunct Bookmarks menu by hatdio.(https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/bookmarks-menu) which I had got so used to.

    I understand from elsewhere in he user comments and replies that the collapsibility is coming, Thanks to the author for all the work
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