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  • Quite simply it doesn't work. Whereas the previous add-on button was quick, this lumbering mess moves with all the urgency of a sloth waking from an operation under general anaesthetic. It began by being unable to recognise product pages, necessitating having to manually add the product but now I regard those halcyon days of it just being a bit rubbish as a golden era, because at the moment it simply doesn't recognise anything I'm trying to add. I've deleted it.

  • As has been said by others, this is a very poor replacement for their original add to Amazon button which was quick, easy and reliable. This new one rarely actually works... takes ages to load and is a complete waste. Bring back the old one!

  • Firstly I hate the fact I can only give this one star. This is not deserving of a star at all. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the wishlist button yet you monsters killed it and forced this on us the paying customer. I just found this out while trying to add a set of made in the USA bandanas to a clothing wishlist. because all amazon showed me for bandanas were gosh darn scarfs.

    So why? Why Amazon? Why in the blue hell did you do this? was it to force users to shop with you? Well guess what I think I will go to staples this weekend and buy my new office chair from them instead of you. Why? because you took away my freedom to pick and choose items across the internet to save them for when I was ready to buy them.

  • One of the most incredible Add-Ons ever!

  • I would have given this zero if I could have. I can no longer use this app to bookmark websites of items I want to go back to. I have deleted the addon and am looking for something else. Amazon, why did you do this??????######

  • Wow what is the point of this now? The Amazon website is very well laid out and easy to do all that you need to. This is less useful that the previous app, and is completely pointless, I will be removing it, which I guess helps me as I will speed my browser up.

  • Was forced to switch over from the old Amazon Wishlist add-on which is being decommissioned. Amazon Assistant cannot recognise product pages outside of Amazon, making it virtually useless for me.

    Will probably stop using Amazon Wishlists altogether if I can only add Amazon products. I liked that I could easily add items from all over the web into one wish list.

  • I had assumed I was doing something wrong, but then I saw the other reviews on here. This does not work like the old Universal feature did. It does not allow you to add things from other sites to your lists on Amazon. Do not use it. Do not listen to any reviews that say it works to add things from other sites to your lists.

  • I see all these five star reviews saying "works well", "very useful", etc... and I have to think that these people never used the previous add on that allowed users to add non-amazon products to an amazon wishlist. It also makes me think that there are people getting paid to add uninformative 5 star reviews. The only thing it works well for is shopping on amazon which already works pretty well when one is shopping on amazon - no need for this extra tool. I would think that amazon would want to collect data on where customers shop outside of its site. Perhaps they decided that they already got enough information, so they pulled the original add on.

    Update: I just checked all 5 star reviews. All of them are from users who have only ever reviewed this one product and almost all just say one short non-descriptive sentence (inner conspiracy theorist perks up)

  • this can't recognize items on non-Amazon pages, making it useless. Amazon deciding to remove the add-on button to force people to use this isn't smart. I also don't understand why the add-on can't recognize pages but the bookmark can; why not just use the same code for recognizing items?

  • In case you need to check fast your shopping list or/and wish list, you don´t need to open AMAZON.com to see it. Also good to know the offers/deal of the day, that come up handy. The only problem is that you can only use it for US Amazon and not the worldwide (like Canada or Mexico)

  • This can be a fantastic tool. I look forward to seeing what additional features you offer in the future!

  • This is NOT a suitable replacement for the old wish list addon. I'm frustrated and sad and will go back to just building folders of bookmarks since it'll be more reliable.
    The Assistant addon doesn't recognize product pages (no etsy, no spoonflower, nowhere I shop outside of amazon where most of my wish list building starts)...
    A real shame they pushed this off on us without testing it at all.
    Probably fine if you ONLY use the main amazon site.......... so not useful at all for anyone I know.

  • Shows the daily deals as well as doing quick price comparisons. Very handy. Saves me a bunch of time.

  • Helpful for navigating to products quickly and reminding me of what I need to buy.

  • Makes shopping easier and fun

  • Shows new deals everytime

  • this is a very useful Add on, and it shows different options and price for items. It works well.

  • Its Nice Having a assistant

  • Working good

  • This is really good ADD on as it compares and provides a vast variety of options to buy.

  • Works well

  • Works really well. Super handy!!

  • Love it! A must have for online shopping.

  • Installed the add-on and tried some of functions. Works very well, is really quick and quite useful. I like it!