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  • add-on was good

    but context menu suddenly does not work in ff70
  • A bit handy, but it has more than its share of problems. First and foremost, it doesn't remember my settings (which sites I want to be able to share with) from session to session. Instead, it sets it back to Facebook (which I absolutely don't want) and GooglePlus (you do realize that dosen't exist anymore right? Why is it even still an option, and doesn't remember the I want to use it for (MeWe).

    Technically, it operates, but it's a continuous pain the butt; especially considering FireFox's prediliction to crash, and resetting AtToAny
  • I only used it to share to facebook which did not work at all. All it did was present a screen with the URL of the page I wanted to share to copy and paste into facebook. I could more efficiently have copied the URL from the the URL bar. Dumb waste of time. I wonder why anyone would bother with this? I still cannot find how to share from ff to fb from the page I'm on.
  • Good but does NOT work in firefox 68.0.2 if Facebook Containers is used.
  • thanks
  • C x
  • This addon adds unwanted spam links. For example, when I post a link to Youtube on Facebook, I get in the title a promotional link to their site. Remove it.
  • Only addon so far that I found that works well for tumblr. Thanks!
  • most of the time, it's good, butt i have a serious problem with cuttin off pieces of my TEXT, and not krrpin me signed~~****