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  • A pop up should come out and not a new tab. To make it more comfortable.
  • Nice work, HOWEVER the lack of Google Keep service is a remarkable weakness, I hope you can solve it. Cheers.
  • Very cool! But can I remove items from the context menu? I want just 3-4 social network sharing buttons but I have 12 now. Can i remove some things from the list, not just replace?
  • I am missing Keep It in the list
  • awesome
  • Excellent, fonctionne très bien, très pratique et rapide
  • Wonderful functionality, a much appreciated app. I'm wondering, however, if there is a way to remove the quote from being included when sharing, for example, to facebook? Quite often the quote is inane and detracts.
  • Exactly what I m looking for. You choose the social netwoks in the context menu <3
  • great
    easy to use
  • I lost this when I updated to Firefox Quantum, but looks like it has now been updated as today I added it back to Firefox and it now works again. Thank you for updating this as I've been using it for years and it's by far the best share/add button IMHO! Life's easier "with" it! Thanks again!
  • Excellent add ons for sharing website I have use always this add-ons
  • Pretty neat addon.
  • Easy to configure, low memory consumption, it works as intended!!
  • Nothing happened. Tried different pages with different services (WhatApp, FB Messenger, Gooogle Email), zero results
  • :-( . Doesn't capture GET arguments appended to URIs.
  • Perfect
  • manque vk
  • Easy to use with many websites.
  • Very happy with this extension and even euphoric that it doesn't collect personal information! How good is that?!
  • Excelente!
  • Nice. — But please: add an option to “add marked text passages to description”! Like in the Facebook app, IIRC. (—> request sent to developer)
  • It would be nice to have an option: Icons only
  • 我之前一直用JiaThis扩展来分享网页,但是由于火狐升级,旧式的不再支持,于是就用了这个。感觉这个扩展还不错,谢谢!
  • It works great for sharing, but I don't understand why it says it needs to track all my websites. I don't need it personalized, I just want it to give me a way to share a link on social media.
  • When using this to Add To Facebook, the tab/window does not close when finishing the post. Using FF "Quantum", aka v57.
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