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  • Wonderful functionality, a much appreciated app. I'm wondering, however, if there is a way to remove the quote from being included when sharing, for example, to facebook? Quite often the quote is inane and detracts.
  • Exactly what I m looking for. You choose the social netwoks in the context menu <3
  • great
    easy to use
  • I lost this when I updated to Firefox Quantum, but looks like it has now been updated as today I added it back to Firefox and it now works again. Thank you for updating this as I've been using it for years and it's by far the best share/add button IMHO! Life's easier "with" it! Thanks again!
  • Excellent add ons for sharing website I have use always this add-ons
  • Pretty neat addon.
  • Easy to configure, low memory consumption, it works as intended!!
  • Nothing happened. Tried different pages with different services (WhatApp, FB Messenger, Gooogle Email), zero results
  • :-( . Doesn't capture GET arguments appended to URIs.
  • Perfect
  • manque vk
  • Easy to use with many websites.
  • Very happy with this extension and even euphoric that it doesn't collect personal information! How good is that?!
  • Excelente!
  • Nice. — But please: add an option to “add marked text passages to description”! Like in the Facebook app, IIRC. (—> request sent to developer)
  • It would be nice to have an option: Icons only
  • 我之前一直用JiaThis扩展来分享网页,但是由于火狐升级,旧式的不再支持,于是就用了这个。感觉这个扩展还不错,谢谢!
  • It works great for sharing, but I don't understand why it says it needs to track all my websites. I don't need it personalized, I just want it to give me a way to share a link on social media.
  • When using this to Add To Facebook, the tab/window does not close when finishing the post. Using FF "Quantum", aka v57.
  • good website
  • A lot of services, but needs to be more light
  • In the 3.1.2 update, whenever I clear cookies, I lose all of my settings, including the selected services. I also use the Chrome version and this does not happen in Chrome, just FF in the latest update.
  • Utterly useless. Clicking on it in the menu does literally nothing.
  • Almost perfect. One problem in Version 3.1.2 though: Pinterest seems to conflict with "Do not track".
    As a workaround you can always disable "do not track" by clicking on the shield button in address bar and disabling it for the visited website. Disabling via settings menu somehow doesn't work either. This is only needed for Pinterest - the other services I use work out of the box.
  • Added reddit to my of sites to share to, and every time I try to use it I just got redirectd to the addtoanywhere.com website.
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