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  • ads are evil.
  • It does everything I need. it just works
  • Love it until May 2019 when it stopped working in Firefox and I started getting requests for money "to keep AdBlocker turned on". Since I had really liked ABPlus up to that point I sent $10 thinking it was required to keep it. I'm out the money and this "free" add on still doesn't work.
  • This is a great ad blocker, but for over a month every time I open Firefox, AdBlocker Ultimate opens a tab asking for money. This would have been fine if it only lasted a week or so, but continuing for over a month is simply begging. I refuse to be forced to to pay money for a supposedly free add-on to get rid of an annoying plea for money. If this continues into June, I will find another ad blocker and will no longer recommend this add-on.