3,854 reviews for this add-on
  • very simple for use and config.
    fast working also and in older versions of browsers
  • This app is a life saver! I rarely use any other browser besides Mozilla Firefox, but when I do, I see a huge difference without the protection of AdBlocker Ultimate. It truly is a must-have for anyone who enjoys surfing the web!
  • I like. Been only a few days since installed, Will deserve a 5,
  • very good
  • very useful, thanks
  • One of the best programs I've ever used! I would highly recommend it to friends and family members. I've been using this for so many years.
  • good. thx
  • !!!!!
  • Excellent software. I forget what it's like to have ads intruding at every turn of the web portals. Thank you
  • Still some work to do but is a nice tool to block several merchandise.
  • pretty good so far. Thanks
  • Wouldn't even think about not having it...it'd be like trying to drive while blind, or surf with no wave, don't do it, stop those Pop ups, for good.
  • act effectively
  • blockiert alle ads, zeigt gute statistiken über seine effizienz bzw die geblockten Anzeigen an, aber gibt nervige Nachrichten wenn man bestimmte große Anzahlen an geblockten Ads erreicht
  • vary good
  • i like that
  • Ganz hervorragend. Sehr gute Software
  • the best
  • Много добро !!!!
  • A W E S O M E Add-on

    Thank you
  • Really works well. Smoothly.
  • For novices that are afraid, Don't Be. You'll learn what an element is because you can preview what you are doing 1st. As you learn, well, march on w/o an issue. I would not be without it & I've been doing this since 1990. The amount of pay-walls out there are CRAZY! Fight back. You may not like what is behind those click-bait windows. I haven't found one yet I'd pay for out of 1000's. Glad I got to preview them 1st with AdBlocker Ultimate.
  • o AdBlocker atende todas as minhas expectativas evitando propagandas incômodas. Excelente Add-on...
  • excellent