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357 reviews for this add-on
  • 相当好用

  • 刚从edge转到火狐,edge上用得好好的ABP居然很多广告都无法过滤,应该是当前版本对火狐支持不够好,还好AdBlock很好地解决了这个问题

  • thank you life is to short to read all the junk they send you

  • супер

  • Since the last update, Youtube videos don't play as long as this extension is active. Even adding as an exception does not fix this issue.

  • Perfect except for one thing: I miss the ability to share settings from browser to browser - locally and across devices.

  • I have been used this add on for ages. Strongly recommended.

  • good

  • Funktioniert alles Tip Top und wie gehabt wie ich es von anderen Browsern her kenne.

  • es una extension muy util debido a que hay millones de paginas que se aprovechan y te colocan 1000 anuncios para ver el contenido

  • its great. lets nothing by, but disappears every update. annoying.

  • Nice

  • Extremely useful app, - saves a lot of time by consuming sites.

  • 非常的好用,可以过滤掉大多数广告

  • A extensão é ótima, realmente ajuda muito. Parabéns

  • works like a champ

  • A must have for any user! Used to get spammed with all sorts of pop ups and ads that played sound. Not anymore! It worked about 99% of the time, only messing up once on a youtube ad. Also has a nice feature where you can block other parts of a website, like the "please disable your ad-blocker" messages on some websites. I like the blocked ad counter too. 20,000 blocks and counting!

  • Działa jak należy !

  • I suspect there is some issue with Adblock that is causing the occasional "scrolling hiccup" when I'm online. It used to be worse on Adblock Plus; replacing it with this severely helped. But this is a minor issue and I do put emphasis on the "occasionally" above; other than that nitpick this is an excellent ad blocker.

    Developer response

    Hi! I'm not familiar with the "scrolling hiccup" issue. Would you mind opening a ticket at so we can look into it? Please include the debug info from the SUPPORT tab in AdBlock's options and a link to a page where you've seen the issue. Thanks!
    - Rhana, AdBlock Community Manager

  • muy buena

  • so simple, i can do it!!

  • Très bien !

  • Firefox keeps removing this add-on by itself

  • Spy.

    Developer response

    Hi! I'm not sure what you're referring to. AdBlock doesn't spy on users. Please read our privacy policy at and the following article in our knowledge base for more information:

    If you have questions about anything you read, feel free to send an email to Thanks!
    - Rhana, AdBlock Community Manager

  • any adblocker is healthy, since ads can contain malware, viruses or phishingware