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  • Simplemente perfecta! la recomiendo total!

  • Отличное расширение, рекомендую всем!

  • Not as customizable as before and websites are very slow to load (I disabled NoScript because I couldn't even do a simple Google search!)

  • Pas mal

  • As a newbie, I stay neutral for 2 weeks. If I see that this boat float, and above that, even gets my browsing snappier, I will return raising my admirement, and pay you the fee u then deserve. Personally I really prefer software that specializes on one environment only. Otherwise, software made for "ALL" end up being all for Linux, MacCrap or other browsers. I for example threw out Chrome the other day as I experienced a password security unavoidable LOOP. And I feel much better as a human being w/o Chrome. And Win10 "Edge" is just a laugh. It starts up with a blue screen with a cogwheel, and there it stays.... Why? VPN allergy, I guess. And so it too found a secure place in my "password hysteria dump." Being with this personal computer revolution, since 1980, I just wonder why this extreme security mentality tend to kill off the happiness of computing. Microsoft Hotmail f-ex - dont miss remembering your "letter, capital, number, special char" passwords. Your life will be more unsecure and shorter... :D Just use your childhood friends telephone numbers. Things u never stop remembering. Sorry for going way offtopic... I'll return, Honestly and humble! ;)

  • Masquerading as Adblock Plus, but nowhere close to the functionality or speed.

    Developer response

    Hi Proft! Adblock Plus (ABP) is an unrelated product developed by a different company. The reason the names are so similar is an interesting bit of Internet history. https://getadblock.com/adblock-is-not-adblock-plus :)
    - Rhana, AdBlock Community Manager

  • Excelente extensión! Funciona perfectamente, y evitar publicidad demasiado intrusiva.

  • Good

  • Lo he utilizado en versiones anteriores de firefox y mejora la exeriencia del usuario al 100%

  • Muy bien

  • Todo .ok.

  • Good

  • Super

  • I like it. Simple and a right choice.


    Developer response

    Nous sommes désolés que vous rencontrez des problèmes avec AdBlock! Si vous s'il vous plaît ouvrir un ticket sur notre site de soutien, nous serons heureux d'examiner pourquoi il ne fonctionne pas pour vous. Veuillez inclure les informations de débogage de l'onglet SUPPORT dans les options d'AdBlock et une capture d'écran des annonces non bloquées. Merci!
    - Rhana, AdBlock Community Manager

  • Adblock Plus没有拦住的弹窗,它成功了,感谢程序员

  • superrr

  • very disappointed works great on chrome but not at all on fire fox 57

    Developer response

    Hi ricktor11. AdBlock works fine in Firefox. We're happy to help you figure out why it's not working for you. Can you please open a ticket at help.getadblock.com? Please include the debug information from the SUPPORT tab in AdBlock's options. Thanks!
    - Rhana, AdBlock Community Manager

  • After having used Adblock Plus for years and being utterly discouraged by the pitiful version that now exists, I decided to try Adblock and have been pretty pleased, overall. I wish there were a way to edit lists of blocked sites and elements, but at least it has decent functionality in terms of blocking elements (Adblock Plus has become ridiculously complicated in that regard). I hope they fix the blocking so that when one blocks a video, it blocks the sound as well (not just the container and image). Hopefully this add-on will continue to be developed and will be a good replacement for ABP...

  • Es könnte ein sehr gutes Add-on sein, wenn es nicht den Browser total langsam machen würde.
    So wie es jetzt läuft, kann ich es nicht weiterempfehlen und werde es wieder löschen. Schade!

  • Super Tool

  • Sometimes sites open some extra popups that takes away the sites that we open but by using your ad blocker add-on these extra stuff can be stopped which limits to work on that sites. Thank you!!

  • with the latest update adblock pops up and blocks every page you go to. I had to uninstall firefox because of it

    Developer response

    Hi! Are you referring to a notification about "targeted messages"? That was caused by a bad filter in the Adblock Warning Removal list. The list authors fixed it last week. If you haven't already received the update automatically, please update your filter lists manually in AdBlock's options, FILTER LISTS tab.

    If that doesn't help, feel free to open a ticket at help.getadblock.com and we'll be happy to look into this with you.

    - Rhana, AdBlock Community Manager


  • It works..