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  • ok
  • Ive been happy with this addon I wasn't as interested in youtbe or other popular sites that a lot of these have been written specifically for.
    I was looking to download source videos for a course Im working through since my internet connection is horrible at the best times.

    Ive been able to get every video Ive tried for so far. a little inconvenient having to leave the browser open but I understand that some of these work by actually manipulating the data as the video is streamed in so need this limitation.

    A little bit more info on available videos and maybe a little better UI would bump this up to 5 star easily enough I believe.
  • Excellent!
  • Very good!
  • Useless. Want a one click button to download youtube videos. This doesnt have it.
  • Top ! facile a utiliser, fiable..
  • good
  • Ich wünschte, ich könnte über 720p herunterladen.
  • seguiremos la prueba, despues comentamos
  • j'adore ce api il va vous supprendre
  • tout simplement génial !!! merci
  • great add-on