4,650 reviews
  • For years, this add-on has required an additional program to installed. No problem. But the program has never installed. Not once. Not for several years. This add-on does not work, has not worked and probably never will work.
  • It asks for money to do anything.

    Anyway I would never install it in my main browser, because its code is secret and it can see all my passwords and other things that I write.



    "The extension can read the content of any web page you visit as well as data you enter into those web pages, such as usernames and passwords."
  • Absolute rubbish. Does not work until you pay.
  • very good
  • Me sirvió bien.
  • I have this extension on all my Mozilla browsers. Very reliable extension.
  • Doesn't work with YouTube -at all.
  • لابئس