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  • Addon veramente utile e molto pratico nel suo utilizzo : consigliato a chiunque desideri salvare i video .
  • Works pretty good, unfortunately not on all YouTube videos.
    Options do not work. I get a message about options.html not found.
  • It works well and really helps me out in my job.
  • Malwarebytes Scan: PUP.Optional.StartPage24

  • il y a encore certaines améliorations à faire mais c'est bien
  • false advertising
  • this is not an addon; this is a COMMERCIAL!
  • Good for downloading YouTube videos.
  • Probably pays for botted positive reviews. AddOn apparently can not download many different YouTube vids (not even music videos but plain, FREE content), provides lame excuses and then claims that they CAN be downloaded with a PAID version. Funny enough, the same "undownloadable" vids only available with the paid version of this scam can be easily downloaded with other (free) addons. This one should be removed or at least forced to carry a huge CLICKBAIT warning.
  • It works. It does what its supposed to do. No videos have I come across that I could not download. Worth 5 stars.
  • This Add-on works great for downloading all types of video. Thanks a lot.
  • tem que pagar
  • This Add-on works great for downloading all types of video.n Lots of options and reliable.