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  • HELLO uBlock Origin,
    [ < ] Prevent WebRTC from leaking local IP addresses ( is EN@BLED under SETTINGS )!!!!!!!

    "Your Browsers WebRTC is leaking your IP Address (Public: HZ.87.7Q8.FX,) to every website".

    This is caused by a feature called 'webrtc'. WebRTC is part of 99% of all common browsers & exposes your IP Address. This feature is enabled by default but you MUST D!S@BLE it. Even a VPN/Proxy App can NOT protect you against webRTC leak. Get a webRTC addon which YOU can disable/enable it with simple click. There are tons of such apps but it`s important that you`re aware of this problem in order to find a solution. ALSO, FREE IP & DNS TESTS UNDER "PRODUCTS" AT ExpressVPN & ON THE WEB. THANX FOR READING.

    P.S. WebRTC LEAK SHIELD & Disable WebRTC are a $uPeR team.
  • Fantastic adblock AND script blocking in one add-on!
  • It is hard to use.
  • nice
  • Best adblocker! tried a lot of others but this was the best.