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  • This is a very good add on, it works great. The only flaw I have noticed is some sites seem to be able to load before I can click "block". If there was a way to stop the site loading until I choose to click "load or block", it would be better. Other then that, its a great add on! Keep up the good work.
  • Version 47 ????
  • Works like a champ
  • Indispensável
  • Loved the idea and cleanliness, but then it pushed all 8 cores of an i7 7700K to 100% just to block a single pop up site. It seems to be a problem with FF Quantum itself, though. Try it on TPB, click on the search bar of that site as if you were to input some text and check for yourself!.

    After trying different ones came back to this one!. Thanks to the developer.
  • I use this for Opera, FF, and Edge. For some reason, this extension causes RAM chewing issue only with FF. This is an only extension I use for all browsers I have and FF begins to chew RAM up to 1GB/hr or 2GB/3hrs in idle. The problem does not occur with Edge and Opera (or any other Chromium based browsers). I am not sure if it's caused by codes of FF or of this extension but the problem exists with all of FF, FF Dev, and FF Quantum. Besides that, this is "the solution" I found for blocking popups.
  • Does an alright job of blocking popups. But this app alone keeps popping up a window about the app, donations and it's website. Seriously frustrating.
  • Doesn't seem to be blocking anything even after tinkering with the options. Well done Mozilla for forcing an update on us that doesn't appear to let any popup blockers work... I'll have fun avoiding all the malware these things are trying to force on me.
  • Excellent popup blocks. Very strict in nature.
  • No esta en español y un poco confuso sobre la eleccion
  • Nice
  • Hi,

    ff44 allows me to use all addons without severe compatibility issues, that's hwy i'll never update
    to the latest ff to break 10 or more addons functionalities.

    It would be nice to send me an up to date version that allows me to have the functional icon
    on firefox toolbar, using v44.
  • Not sure the dev knows what a pop-up is... this things blocks nothing
  • Too strict most of the time. Blacklist mode sometimes doesn't work.

    Better to add a shortcut to add a domain to blacklist. Or at least add a link to open the options. Otherwise it's really wearisome to add blacklist item.

    Disabled the add on most of the time. What a shame.