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  • Our entire family has used this blocker for years now and it never fails to do the job. Catches tons of nasty popups and learns which sites are allowed by us to be visited. Really easy format, which is great for those of us who are not computer literate.
  • Just exactly what I was looking for. Amazing work... Loved this add-on!
  • ดี
  • after last update, doesn't work correctly
    used to be the the best, now worthless on most sites. please correct!
    had to re-install version 0.4.2
  • Ohh yes,it works great!
  • after the update works incorrectly
    shows an incomprehensible page on the livejourmal.com


    impossible to show this page.
  • Pales beside Pop-up Controller.
    Pop-up Controller was a click-on-click-off (toggle) Extension that just worked and worked just that simply--click on, click off. No opening a menu every time one wishes to block or unblock a pop-up. On some sites, pop-ups have to be allowed in order to download applications, updates, firmware, etc. Popup Blocker (strict) is just too much of a hassle compared to Pop-up Controller. Unfortunately, Pop-up Controller won't work with the newer versions of Firefox; so, in moving forward, we are forced to take a step backward.

    Modify Popup Blocker (strict) to it as simple to use as Pop-up Controller, with the toggle on/off option, and maybe I'll use Popup Blocker (strict).
  • does what its supposed to!
  • Very good, however, it does not remember when you deny a popup. This is very annoying. Please advise. Thanks
  • Saves you a lot of nerves when browsing the web.
  • good
  • Its work Fine but not 100% perfect and i like to use, sometime when i open more than 10 page this extension is not working right.