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  • It allows me to be the man, my lady friends ask for, and have come to expect.Since i am dying, idid not think i could continue with google breathing down every users neck, i welcome such s site as you to carry on the freedom torch for all us Americans
  • Best popup blocker on earth !
  • Fascinante
  • Great popup blocker. Very easy to use.
  • Simple and effective interface which enables me to choose whether to allow or not, with a small footprint.
  • Poorly documented. Loaded with techy jargon. Few to no examples given of what is considered a "popup" - no graphic representations. I am still bombarded with pop up boxes and dialog windows and request to spam with notifications despite "strict" labeling.
  • No more ads
  • Very good Blocker and a good extension for uBlock to block everything. Block nearly everything, also stubborn pop-ups, which come through ublock and the normal firefox Block.

    Good Job Jeremy!
  • Blocks popups and shows a message if you want to open it or not! Great, no popups without permission!
  • This is a really handy add-on, sometimes I accidentally open a new link and this will stop the link from opening without my approval. Excellent pop up blocker 5/5
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  • This is great one but I have one complain !

    Default action when a popup action requested ........................
    The previous control option doesn't work. only "Do nothing" option is working and the others not.

    Note: I am using firefox
  • Best Application
  • Super Dooper product. One of the BEST!
  • HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE. I installed this to block pop-ups and instead "MY quick converter" has taken over my computer! Now I have to figure out how to uninstall all this crap. I thought this would be a trustworthy Firefox add-on. It is NOT!