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  • The ffox extension is perfect. And bitwarden is a good program, opensource but with SaaS version at affordable price
  • hi
  • Awesome! It works fine on PC and Android phone.
  • This add-on is missing a basic functionality that many other password managers such as Lastpass, Myki etc. have which is showing the add-on logo in the login fields of automaticlly for websites that already have a login entry saved in Bitwarden, such that if you click on the logo in the login input textbox then it shows the login details stored in the system and clicking that should automatically fill the login ID and password fields. Currently you either have to click on the Bitwarden logo in the top menu bar and click on the login details that show up or use the context menu to select the login, both of these are very clunky ways of auto-typing the login details.
  • Awesome! Everything works great! Keep up improving.
  • Пока лучшие в своем деле. Советую, перепробовал все все менеджеры
  • So far so good!!!
  • About 1 year ago I uninstalled this extension because it didn't work in private window, I've just installed it again and it still doesn't work in private window. What a pitty.