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  • Best in the world
  • Bitwarden itself gets 5 stars. This extension is good but you have to be careful when you change passwords on a site or you can lock yourself out because the auto detection of those fields is inconsistent.
  • after using other more expensive solutions, bitwarden remains the best and open source ..
  • Great add-on and free! I'm converting all my paid accounts to this app. I'm even going to pay the $10 to register the app. If you want an affordable (free) password manager which works cross platform (mobile devices, pc's, and tablets) - you can't go wrong! I've read technical reviews and this isn't the most secure app on the market based on industry experts and it's programming architecture - but it works for my uses.

    It's not perfect and I'm hoping they will update a few things, but there's nothing that should stop you from using this app.
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