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  • perfect
  • Overall this extension and the service is good. But now that firefox has greatly improved its psw management I fond this extension just unnecessary. For two things its still superior: each bitwarden entry can have many fields, and you can add note to them. You can also add the credit card infos. The second is the greater password generator - although its not integrated in the webpage: I always fear to create a new account and lost the password before being able to login the first time - where it actually asks you to save the password.
  • Bitwarden is the perfect solution for all my passphrases. I use it all the time and love it!
  • My last pass alternative, and it works great
  • Cannot get it to work to access subscription web sites.
  • Awesome password manager, and most importantly, it's all FOSS
  • The best. Only the best
  • Excellent! Great features, good looking, beats the competition in the free option.
  • Best password manager I have used. Simple interface, great password generator, accessibility across a variety of platforms.