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  • Best password manager ever.
  • Bitwarden is probably the best password manager on the market, but there are a couple of small nitpicks with its UI
  • Parfait;
    Remplit parfaitement son office;
    Semble être très efficace (pour le moment)
  • I have used and paid for all of the big ones like Roboform, then Lastpass, then 1Password and DashLane, as well as the freebies out there like KeePass, and after all of those, I am good and stopping here with BitWarden. There simply isn't much left to improve upon, but open source and private hosting sure doesn't hurt :)
  • Settings synchronization option is missing.

    Otherwise it's a good password manager.
  • Awesome, last one I'll ever need! Good job
  • Great browser extension for a great password manager. Works well for most websites, and across different platforms. Very customizable behavior, support for hardware security keys, etc.
  • I've been using bitwarden for over a year now, and I really enjoy it. Very reliably, works on all systems, iOS integration is great, and the browser addons are really good as well! I tried non open source alternatives before, but bitwarden is not only in its licensing superior, it also shines with its UX.

    One minor UX problem I see is the number of clicks I need to edit an item (e.g. add a note or a website).

    Anyways, for me bitwarden is the perfect password manager, highly recommened!
  • Security should be open-source! Signed up for premium!