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  • Very simplistic yet intuitive and user-friendly designe and interface.
    Moreover, devices synchronisation is available for non premuim accounts as well., and developper promises to keep it that way.
  • Before this, I was using Excel, and for sure - this one is a timesaver
  • possibly the most versatile password manager out there.
  • Simple to use, and effective in its purpose.
  • Works pretty flawlessly.
  • Je suis abonnée à bitdefender antivirus et bitdefender central,donc je n'ai aucunes inquiétude quand à bitwarden je suis certaine que je serai bien protégé !
  • 👍👍👍
  • I used Bitwarden for several years now. Runs on everything I own, allows you to store passwords on your own infrastructure or just about anything else, open source, allows sharing of passwords between multiple users, a very serviceable UI and a responsive developer. It's about as good as a small software project gets.

    The one criticism I have can be leveled at most of these things, and that is a privileged user (eg, root) can dump most of your passwords once you have unlocked them by scanning memory. Lastpass in particular does a really good job of circumventing this (but of course has an even bigger security flaw - its closed source). Unfortunately I suspect this is really hard to fix in something written in Javascript. But do be aware of this flaw and never use the Bitwarden on a multi-user machine.
  • Tip top! Nothing more to say.

    Useful shortcuts:

    Open popup: Ctrl + Shift + U
    Fill in credentials: Ctrl + Shift + L
    Generate password: Ctrl + Shift + 9