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  • This is perfect, you can quickly translate single words in the box or mark the text and a small pop-up will show up containing the translation without chaning the page contents. It would be useful to have the option to right click on an element (div or button) and have it's text node translated, because sometimes the default events are overriden and you cannot mark the text.
  • Finally i found what i want.Bro👍👍👍
  • parfait ! A+++++
  • Excellent! Gets it done so far and hoping it remains that way. Please don't fix what isn't broken.
  • Very useful add-ons, it helps me for Arabic language
  • Simply perfect!

    In detail:
    This is a great idea about a primary target language and a secondary target language.
    Moreover - wow! - it works recursively: I can select a word in the translation window and translate it back to the original language.
    In any case, this addon works fine with a minimum of clicks (this is important to me)
  • It's not in service very often. I need translation for about dozens of times every day, but it would prompt kind of "reached service limit" from time to time, which is very annoying.
  • This is the best application to perform rapid translate while reading web page