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  • Is this addon supposed to work on android? I can't seem to get it going.

    For a desktop version - it is what I looked for.
  • Perfect so far. Thanks!
  • Doesn't work :
    "Detects the language of the selected text, and if it is the same as the default target language, translate it into the second language."
  • Excellent - finally I can get a translation of selected text shown as HTML/CSS popup on the web page... And the whole page translation from the toolbar icon! The behaviour is similar to Google Translate app on Android *thumbs up*
  • Именно это я и искал! Чтоб переводило сразу прямо на странице в появившемся окне. Бомба!!! Спасибо!
    Отличное приложение.
  • 翻譯幾行字後就會故障 導致整個火狐網頁讀取異常 爛透了
  • Why it keeps showing that "Error: Service usage limit reached. Please wait a while and try again."
  • please add a 'disable translate' option to disable translation for all sites by default. And it can turn on this option to active the translation. BTW Thank you very much for this addon it's awesome!
    If you set the wildcard(*) to "URL list to disable translation", translation will be disabled on all pages.
  • Es excelente esta extensión. Recomendada
    Solo hay que configurarla con el primer idioma en español y el segundo idioma ingles. Y funcionara a la perfección
  • The popup feature works better than most plugins AND the translations it provides seem to be better than a lot of other plugins...somehow (even though most use Google Translate).

    The absolutely super frustrating issue with this is there's a limit on how many times you can use this within a certain window of time.

    This is because Google's translation API limits how many times you can have in a day. It's super frustrating.

    I am hoping the dev can allow us to change the api key so we can use our own Google account, or at least find a way to overcome this limitation.