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  • Thanks for the incredibly high-quality and useful extension. It works really well and is better than other analogues!
  • Is the keyboard shortcut for translating selected text not working only for me? Regardless if I use the default one or I change it...
  • Minimalism, accuracy and functionality is what I like about this extension. Thanks a lot to the developer for creating the most convenient extension for translation!
  • 很好用
  • You must have! :)
  • thanks a lot
  • There is a bug: When text is selected the button shows up, and if you scroll - it doesn't stay with the selected text and keeps its position relative to the window.
  • This is perfect, you can quickly translate single words in the box or mark the text and a small pop-up will show up containing the translation without chaning the page contents. It would be useful to have the option to right click on an element (div or button) and have it's text node translated, because sometimes the default events are overriden and you cannot mark the text.
  • Finally i found what i want.Bro👍👍👍