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  • works
  • Lovely overall and extremely useful, but audio playback on forvo.com doesn't work if I enable 'Extended media controls' (not sure what it's called in English, I'm using German).
  • I really like it, but the icon doesn't appear at all when using dark theme. Could you please make it Black with white outline, so it can appear in light, and dark themes?
  • não funciona direito a integração nomeu computador
  • Works pretty well !
    ONLY thing missing for me is an option to pass downloads to KGET. Please make it happen !
  • It rocks!
  • Fantastic! I always wanted this! Great work!
  • If it works in Private mode, I would rate 5/5.
  • Brilliant. Works as expected.
  • Firefox is still opening files with wrong programs after installing this plugin. For example opening PDFs with Krita or GIMP instead of Okular. I just wanted Firefox to open files as configured in KDE-Plasma. I can manually configure Firefox to use the desired programs for each MIME time but there are several of them, and it does not even show Okular as an option so I have to manually introduce the executable path which in most cases changes between verions (IE a folder with the version number).