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  • innovative?
  • I love KDE, please try it if you haven't in a long time or for the first time

    Plasma 5.13 is so beautiful. Thank you for this integration with Firefox my favorite browser of all time.

    @Janne Granström Kubuntu 18.10 is not even released yet, you should not decrease rating of this extension based on unreleased software...

    works perfectly on 18.04

    The only reason to install 18.10 right now, is to participate in its development
  • Great addons for plasma users
  • Lovely.

    It would be great however if you could see the thumbnail of the thing playing in the browser, like Youtube video thumbnail.
  • Va bastante bien y se integra
  • Thx. Great Job, KDE Team :)
  • Really great stuff, especially combined with KDEConnect. Thanks to the KDE community for this add-on!
  • When I try to add it, I get an integration error that appears on the screen for about a second, then goes away so fast I can't read it. Also, have no idea what this thing is supposed to do.
  • This is great! I want more stuff like that!
  • Amazing! thanks KDE team!
  • Thank you very much for this great extension.
  • Being able to control media playing in Firefox with media keys is the best thing ever. The future truly is now
  • Being able to pause a YouTube video from my bluetooth connected headphones or from my mobile device is fantastic. It is not only a novel but highly practical feature.