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  • This is great! I want more stuff like that!
  • Amazing! thanks KDE team!
  • Thank you very much for this great extension.
  • Being able to control media playing in Firefox with media keys is the best thing ever. The future truly is now
  • Being able to pause a YouTube video from my bluetooth connected headphones or from my mobile device is fantastic. It is not only a novel but highly practical feature.
  • Doesn't integrate with media inside iframes.
    Nie integruje się z media w iframe.
  • It's annoying when every time I open the browser, it opens a second instance/window and closes it immediatly. Despite this, it works as expected.
  • Great add-on! I'm disabling it just because of the new tab that opens/closes when I open a new Firefox window, it is very annoying. I think that's the most important thing to fix. Besides that, it seems to me that everything works fine.
  • Giving it 3 stars in advance, hoping to improve it further, because at the moment I am not sure what it does.

    I installed plasma-browser-integration-git and now what? What does it do? The extension being experimental is no excuse to not post info what it can do and what is planned. Also it's not clear if I need both plasma-browser-integration on system and the plugin (which won't install from browser) or plasma-browser-integration is the plugin and I don't have to do anything else?

    We would love to help out with the development by testing and submitting issues to fix but in order to do that, you need to be more transparent about what the plugin actually does.

    Will it allow for global menu in Plasma?
  • Awesome work!

    Possible enhancements:
    * Bookmarks in krunner
    * After a short notification sound has played during a longer video, the media control plasmoid is stuck on that (paused) notification sound.
    * Everytime the browser is opened, a new tab is opened and closed very quickly. After that, always the rightmost tab is focused.
    * Maybe also unrelated: XML files don't display correctly (maybe due to your content script)

    For everyone wondering how to install: The corresponding host application plasma-browser-integration is available in the Neon Unstable repository (http://archive.neon.kde.org/dev/unstable/pool/main/p/plasma-browser-integration/)
  • Understood is under development but the info are really short...

    What is plasma-browser-integration?
    Is it another plugin, a service, ....?

    How can this be installed? Any link?
  • Great add-on. Works incredibly well for this stage in the development.
  • extension is fantastic!
  • Everything works as far as i can see. I searched for an notification Add-on and got better integration into Plasma. Thanks.