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  • I was finding infos about what I can do to modified my Bamboo Feed Reader on Waterfox 56 v2019.10 and then this showed up.

    I gave it a try and I love it!

    I've been a user of Brief and Bamboo and I can firmly say Feedbro nailed it. No annoying auto page scrolling, no weird right click behavior. It shows like a regular webpage instead of a chrome tab. I can copy all links on one page with other addons like copyLinks and it works just fine.

  • Perfection. It's like GMail for news!
  • It does the job
  • Perfectly.
  • FF 70 broke the "mark all feed as read" option, only after I try again to enter the feed it mark as read.
  • 我要怎么搜索文章内容?我要怎么导出文章内容
  • This is one of the best FeedReader i've seen and i just recently switched from "Brief" to this BUT there is one feature missing (or i haven't found the function yet) that would make it perfect for me. Some kind of trashcan where the deleted articles are in till you delete them. It happens some time that you delete an article and realize just in the moment of deletion that you wanted to take another look. So it would be cool if you could restore the item from the trash can.
  • A great feed reader that would be perfect with synchronization.

    My other wishes:

    * Add "share with mastodon".
    * Import/Export for all Settings
  • Love Feedbro. My one request is for the ability to toggle the tooltips off (or on, if wanted). Thanks!
  • I liked it to start; but, it skips articles, so, I need to check the original website. So, it doesn't really end up saving me any time. Perhaps there is some setting I need to change?