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/r/Diablo Browser Extension Vyžaduje restart

Adds tooltips, linkifies battletags, and makes other small improvements to /r/Diablo.

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/r/GlobalOffensive Removal Assistant

Tired of removing stuff without giving the user notice?

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/r/starcraft user icons Vyžaduje restart

This extension is a companion extension designed to utilize the data from to add extra information to

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Nuke the Moments tab in Twitter

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1 Click Bookmark Vyžaduje restart

The bookmarks feature provides the ability to store links on various sites like Delicious, Blogmarks, Stumbleupon, Digg, Facebook, Newsvine, Reddit, Magnolia and others with a simple mouse click.

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1 unglaubliche Extension

Eine zeitgemäße Extension die eine/ein/einer zu "1" umwandelt.

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1 USD in INR Vyžaduje restart

The Add-On displays the Current Market price of 1 USD in INR on your Status Bar. Updates every 1 minute.

The Price is fetched from the web services provided by

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1&1 MailCheck für Firefox Vyžaduje restart

Schnell und sicher E-Mails abrufen.

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1-Click Dailymotion Video Download Vyžaduje restart

A great new simple Dailymotion Video Downloader!
Download Dailymotion Videos in FLV and MP4 formats easily.

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1-click Online Document View Vyžaduje restart

Open DOC, DOCX, PDF, PPT, PPTX and TIFF files linked in any webpage directly with Google Docs viewer using "1-click Online Document View", with a single left-click of your mouse / trackpad!!

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1-Click YouTube Video Download Vyžaduje restart

The simplest YouTube Video Downloader for all YouTube Flash sites, period.

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1-ClickWeather Vyžaduje restart

Note from Mozilla: This add-on has been discontinued. Try Forecastfox Weather instead.

1-ClickWeather for Firefox enables users to quickly view current weather conditions.

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1-Line Vyžaduje restart

SuperCharged Viral Charity Incentive through Email Signature Donation.

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103.5 The Arrow New Tab

Please Rate Us! If you feel we don’t deserve a 5-star rating, PLEASE email or call us FIRST! We want to hear from you!

*Live 103.5 The Arrow music stream
*Fresh, up-to-date video content
*Animated background

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Assistant for 115 to export download links to aria2/aria2-rpc

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123 Travel Search Vyžaduje restart

Creates 3 small travel search icons on the bottom of your browser. When clicking on them, they will create a little search box which allows you to enter your travel details once and then select the providers you want to see...

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133Lab right-click image upload Vyžaduje restart

Mit diesem Add-On können Sie einfach Bilder von anderen Webseiten auf den Image Hoster von 133Lab hochladen.

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15-18 Vyžaduje restart

Retrouvez les derniers topics du forum 15-18 Ans de, ainsi que des raccourcis vers des sites tels que NoelShack, Hapshack, NoelShare... ! Ainsi que les smileys !

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160by2 Vyžaduje restart browser extension to send FREE messages to anyone across India, right from your browser.

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160by2 Compare: Best Prices, Deals & Coupons

Compare Prices, get the best deals and apply the right coupons across websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Ebay and more, all in real time!

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