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  • very useful
    Merci Adblock Plus

  • Amazing Add-on, it help us doing meditation while working, it works peacefully like Gautam Buddha, took all the pain and give us the environment to focus on our work. 5 Stars.

  • good

  • es muy buena y cumple su trabajo

  • Until i write this comment,adblock has blocked 45,000 ads.
    this is very uselfull

  • С установкой этого дополнения в соцсети VK начинает самопроизвольно дёргаться лента новостей, что крайне раздажает. К тому же фильтры для вышеупомянутого сайта почему то приходится прописывать вручную, для скрытия 3х левых блоков рекламы. Релама на яндексе тоже не блокируется.

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  • 试试

  • https://addons.mozilla.org/fi/firefox/addon/ublock-origin/
    ^ Ublock Origin
    - Much better, opensource and not BOUGHT to whitelist ads
    - doesn't track users.
    - Lighter, simpler and faster

    At the moment 2nd place Most Users category, should be number 1. I highly recommend to switch ANY adblock to Ublock Origin (Firefox (+on android)/Chrome).

  • Best of all i tried.. :-)

  • 用了很久了,很便捷,谁用谁知道

  • good adblocker

  • 新版界面没有旧版好看。

  • Seit Jahren zuverlässig.

  • Günümüzde en eski ve en kaliteli reklam engelleme uzantılarından biridir. Hangi internet tarayıcısında olursa olsun reklem engelleme uzantısı için kesinlikle Adblock Plus ve uBlock Origin uzantılarını tavsiye ederim. İkiside kendi alanlarında oldukça başarılıdır ve iyi sonuç verir.

  • It blocks annoying ads almost perfectly.

  • Good

  • Addon very strongly loads the processor after start of Firefox within a minute and more. Such behavior is noticed long ago and only recently I found out that responsible - adblock plus!

  • Im wondering bout how the "unlimited storage data" works?

  • لا اعرف لقد اعجبني كثيرا فقط

  • "supports websites by not blocking unobtrusive ads by default" - translation, those companies that pay to not have their ads blocked...given that business model, how long before every one is paying to not have their ads blocked and Adblock is completely useless?

    There are better choices.

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  • Excellent and free! Adblock Plus is efficient and catches almost everything. If an add comes through you can click on the ADP icon on the tab bar on Foxfire and select "Report issue on this page" so they can add the URL, etc of that advert to their list, within a day or two, sometimes even faster, that ad is blocked. I also donate a small amount of money to Adblock Plus every year to thank them for their great work. Remember that the point of freeware and shareware, as well as a free and open internet takes community. I would rather give $10/year to Wikipedia, Mozilla, Adblock Plus and other sites offering great services and caring about a free internet than to spend my money with a huge uncaring multi-national corporation that cares only for its bottom line. So thank you Mozilla, so much, and thank you Adblock Plus.

  • Terrific app

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