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  • Used to work quite well on nearly every site you'd visit. Unfortunately, now it doesn't block ANYTHING on most of the big name sites that PAY THEM to NOT block ad's or annoyances on many sites! Even when you set it to strict blocking, I still see ads and B.S. EVERYWHERE! So I'd say this add n is now USELESS!
  • I didn't know how important this add-on was until Mozilla had a certificate problem with Firefox and they would not work. All the ads were popping up and they are extremely annoying.
  • 能把所有拦截的广告在专有的广告窗口打开吗,同时被拦截的广告静音,禁止自动播放,比如我拦截了百度搜索结果的广告,你们把这些广告直接在广告便签页显示当前网页显示拦截后的内容。
  • I use it a lot on my desktop but Everytime I try to install it on my tablet it tells me "the downloaded add-on could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt...