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  • Lo más parecido a Stylish que hay, pero le falta un mundo para llegar. Estéticamente deja muchísimo que desear, es mejorable en todos los aspectos. La ventana modal que aparece en las notificaciones tiembla a causa del scroll vertical con el ratón, además la página de edición de plantillas es horrenda. A nivel funcional, eso sí, funciona bien.
  • A great open-source solution to replace the now rogue Stylish. Stylus is a WebExtension so it won't change Fierfox itself.

    I actually like it better than Stylish. I have not encounterd a single glitch with either styles or responsiveness like I did with Stylish, on occasion.

    Stylus is also a a great way to learn about editing and creating Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
  • Bravo
  • Great
  • Is this extension using the same database from userstyles.org with Stylish? I'm a bit confusing.
    Stylus is an open-source fork of Stylish but without all the tracking. So yes, we use the same database.
  • Ok
  • Works perfect and easy-to-use. Many thanks!
  • Great. Can even edit imported styles! Perfect. Stylish is history for me now.