527 reviews
  • Firefox verbietet den Zugriff-was soll ich mit so einem addon
  • Спасибо за это дополнение! Очень нужное!
  • after 1.5.2, sometimes the addon failed to load the page, need multiple hard refreshes to get it working.
  • The web is pretty much unusable without this Addon. It's a huge life improvement. It's even encouraged me to learn a bit of CSS just so I can fix minor annoyances that are specific to me. Fantastic.
  • Нужен для установки RU AdList CSS Fixes.
  • Sadly, Stylus (without having any styles loaded) messed up my zimbra-webmail and I cannot use it anymore.
    Other than that I was generally happy with it. Silently pushing DOM-manipulation is not appreciated, however.
    This should be fixed in v1.5.1.