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  • Excellent! The most useful extension to work with screenshots.

  • Extremely helpful tool....use it all the time. So simple. Beats other screenshot tools hands down. Highly recommended!!!

  • Es una herramienta fantástica y sencilla de utilizar, con posibilidad de empezar a editar la imagen en el mismo momento de capturarla.

  • I love it!! so simple to use!!

  • The best Screen-shot-add-on for firefox <3 <3 <3

    Thanks :3

  • If I could, I'd rate it with 10 stars!!:)thnx a lot & keep up the good work and make it available for FF5 plzzzz!!:)

  • It was great till FF4. Not perfect as missing some useful features...like capturing entire 'page'.
    Furthermore, it is not working on FF5 'yet'.
    Despite these, I still highly recommend LightShot. I believe the developers will soon bring out upgrade..and this is one damn simple and powerful tool that I use. As long as I can see the capture button, I never failed to capture what I see on the screen.

  • Exactly what I was looking.

  • It doesnot work on FF 5. Shows the error: TypeError:Component.classes[cid] is undefined

  • Black overlay won't appear in Windows 7 if your system (or remote desktop connection) is set to 16-bit colors - upgrade to 32 bits! :)

    Aside from that, addon does what is says, and does it well. Thanks developers!

  • simple, effective, and works with flash/non-flash. it simply works great, thank you!!

  • thank you very much, nice tools :)

  • by Kunnu Singh on March 18, 2011 #

    Not work with latest Firefox 3.6.15, Its showing a blank black image.
    Same ploblem on xp
    I get it on windows7 worked. No bank black screen

  • A great firefox addon, looks great and works very well. I wish it had the option to control the JPG quality though, that would really make it perfection!

  • One of the best screenshot add-ons ever. Easy and fast to use. Thank you, Thank you.

  • What a great tool. Fabulous!!! I would like to be able to set a download folder instead of using the most recent. And I would also like to be able to set my own editor. Then it would be perfecto!!!!

  • Best Firefox screenshot addon ever, tnx!
    Send via Gmail is most wanted option :)

  • Works seamlessly with 3.6.13. If this isn't one of the ten best FireFox add on's, then it should be. Serg, you've earned every dime I sent you - please keep up the upgrades and the great work. It's very much appreciated!!!

  • Really light and realy usefull without many useless features.
    It takes shots even from IETab.
    But is it possible to add "edit in paint"?

  • It's the best screenshot tool on Firefox &Chrome !!! But I think you should translate it to other language,for example:Chinese ..

  • A nice plugin, but how can you use a hotkey like Alt+T ? It's for Tools Menu default, right?

    Відповідь розробника

    Thank you for your comment. We are making a new version of our wxtwnsion now and will change the hotkey.

  • easy,fast,works like a charm¡¡

  • O LightShot é, para mim, a melhor extensão para captura de tela. Me ajuda muito quando preciso de apenas uma parte da tela, além de poder compartilhar rapidamente o conteúdo selecionado.

  • #1 It's very necessary and important for me to receive the url in a png url such as:
    so that I can insert it into a forum post as an image with adding tags. Please add this feature and I will change my rating to 5 stars !
    I can go to imageshack and always get the url as a png url.
    #2 Sometimes crashed when edit screenshot... I guess because it's online. But doesn't crash anymore.
    Thankyou !

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    Hello canadagirl. We highly appreciate your feedback. We plan to add feature #1, hope it will be added soon. And about #2 - could you provide more information on this? What Windows version do you use? Windows service packs? Do you have the latest Adobe Flash Installed? Maybe screenshots of the crash? All this info will help us improve our addon! Thank you.

  • I've been trying to find the "perfect" screen capture program or add-on, and I believe that LightShot is it! The major, major selling point for me is the ability to automatically upload it and get the link right there and then to share. It helps when I'm trying to help someone and need to show them that "this" is how it should look.

    Having all the options show right up on the screen while capturing is also a huge plus. No need to decide beforehand how big or small of a capture you want.