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  • It's working now with Firefox 9.0.1.
    Just reinstall it if you guys have any problems. :D
  • While this addon is a trully good tool (and also functions normally under FireFox v.8), it still needs to have a full-webpage capture capability in order to call it excellent. But 5 stars anyway as it is the best one out there today (...that also functions normally under FireFox v.8...)
  • a very good addon works perfectly with FF8.0
  • great except the button is on the statusbar; make a toolbar button plz.

    ps, it would be nice to be able to do more than just viewable area
  • The best screen capture tool I have used....and I have used a few over the years. This one is a must have.
  • Looks great, works even better.
    Just what I've been looking for, a simple but powerful screenshot tool for copying SELECTED PART OF SCREEN ONLY.
    It adopts the windows shortcut key combos e.g. ctrl+c = copy
    ctrl+x = close
    ctrl+p = print

    Excellent for those of us who use shortcuts natively - not for those people looking for a 'copy visibile section' or 'copy entire frame' function.
  • Amazing!
  • Outstanding!!
  • W O N D E R F U L add on. PLUS: Interface is super easy. I *love* that you can drag with mouse over area you need without having to edit and crop later ie you can copy half a picture or a fraction of html frames. CON: very unfortunate you can't have option to capture entire page/frame/or larger images than what's on screen at the moment. If they add that, then this add-on would be perfect. Having said that, the name "LightShot (screenshot tool)" really only implies enhancements from a simple "screenshot" of your "Prt Scr SysRq" button and this is HUGE
  • While the program has a very nice interface and includes the ability to edit your screenshot, it is lacking in one major area and that is the ability to take a screenshot of the entire frame and not just viewable area. This is my opinion is a deal breaker.
  • Excellent! The most useful extension to work with screenshots.
  • Extremely helpful tool....use it all the time. So simple. Beats other screenshot tools hands down. Highly recommended!!!
  • Es una herramienta fantástica y sencilla de utilizar, con posibilidad de empezar a editar la imagen en el mismo momento de capturarla.
  • I love it!! so simple to use!!
  • The best Screen-shot-add-on for firefox <3 <3 <3

    Thanks :3
  • If I could, I'd rate it with 10 stars!!:)thnx a lot & keep up the good work and make it available for FF5 plzzzz!!:)
  • It was great till FF4. Not perfect as missing some useful features...like capturing entire 'page'.
    Furthermore, it is not working on FF5 'yet'.
    Despite these, I still highly recommend LightShot. I believe the developers will soon bring out upgrade..and this is one damn simple and powerful tool that I use. As long as I can see the capture button, I never failed to capture what I see on the screen.
  • Exactly what I was looking.
  • It doesnot work on FF 5. Shows the error: TypeError:Component.classes[cid] is undefined
  • Black overlay won't appear in Windows 7 if your system (or remote desktop connection) is set to 16-bit colors - upgrade to 32 bits! :)

    Aside from that, addon does what is says, and does it well. Thanks developers!
  • simple, effective, and works with flash/non-flash. it simply works great, thank you!!
  • thank you very much, nice tools :)
  • by Kunnu Singh on March 18, 2011 #

    Not work with latest Firefox 3.6.15, Its showing a blank black image.
    Same ploblem on xp
    I get it on windows7 worked. No bank black screen
  • A great firefox addon, looks great and works very well. I wish it had the option to control the JPG quality though, that would really make it perfection!
  • One of the best screenshot add-ons ever. Easy and fast to use. Thank you, Thank you.