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  • Simple, lightweight, fast, and easy to use screenshot tool for several major browsers/operating systems as well. I have used several different tools for this same function and despite the fact that there are still a few that include an extra feature or two that I enjoy having at time, this capture tool is perhaps my favorite. Not sure if there is an ability to upload directly to my dropbox or g-drive but that would be my only request so far if possible.
  • With Awesome Screenshot's functionality becoming more and more clunky, it was nice to be able to just click that feather icon in the toolbar, pick an area to capture and have all options displayed to me. I could then just click 'copy' and get the cropped image on my clipboard.

    Nice and easy, just how it should be. Thankyou.
  • App is very easy to use, full of functionality and is very light on the system. Thanks dev
  • Дополнение хорошее, но хотелось бы, чтобы в нем появилась возможность захвата страниц сайта целиком и возможность сохранения их в формате PDF
  • I really love this extension, but please add an option to take screenshot of entire page!
  • Excellent, used it for months, till now.
    No longer works after new Firefox 20.0.1 update.
    Could you please fix it and post a new version? Thank you
  • Where is the option to take a screenshot of the entire webpage? :P
  • (So much I didn't realize I had written 4 reviews :D)
    This is the best apps out there if you need a quick, easy way to save (and edit if needed) what you have on screen. The Firefox add-on will save what you have up on webpages and there is an option to download app to your computer which is awesome if you are using an off-line programs and need great screenshots. Thank you!!
  • I'd normally give 5 stars, but I can't use it anymore."Error: Lightshot NPAPI plugin not found. Try to reload browser."I did reload the browser to no avail, reinstalled it, not working, maybe it's a compatibility issue with another addon, but I need them all so I won't uninstall any of these.Thank you anyway, loved it when I was able to use it :)

    [edit] Just read that mozilla is now blocking the NPAPI plugin, is this the problem?
  • Top Addon :)
    But please enable ALT+TAB to change the application/programm so that we can also make a screenshot of other programms.

    On my main PC I have to screens, so its no problem to make a screenshot from the second screen but on my notebook I have only one screen and I have to move firefox to the bottom (left) to make a screenshot of an other app/prog
    Hello Nisbo. Thanks for your review. You can use Lightshot desktop version to make screenshots of another programs. You can download it from here http://app.prntscr.com/ Install it and press PrtSc button on your keyboard.
  • unequivocally the best add-on in its category.simply the best..
    highly recommend to install!
  • 쩝니다. 강추 합니다.
    단순한 인터페이스와 웬만한 기능이 모두 들어 있네요.
    사용법이 너무 간단 하네요
    웹페이지 아무곳에서 마우스오른쪽 클릭 후 Take Screenshot 클릭!
    원하는 부분을 드래그 그럼 작은 아이콘 메뉴가 나옵니다. 원하는 기능을 클릭!!!
    기능 중 자신이 캡쳐한 장면을 저장 없이 바로 구글 이미지 검색까지 가능합니다.
    예전에 다른 부가기능 썼는데 이게 더 좋네요 ^^
    아 단점은 풀스크린 샷 찍을 때 좀 불편하다는 점 이겠네요 ㅋㅋ
  • Light,handy,more than sufficient with its common options.What can we ask more?!! :-)...just thank.
  • Tried several times to install it on Firefox 15. Always the same popup:
    Error: Lightshot NPAPI plugin not found. Try to reload browser. If you keep seeing this error after reloading, please contact support@skillbrains.com."
    Subsequently noted:
    Now, one hour later, I've found the reason for the error message: The "Windows Media Player Extension 1.1 for Firefox" (http://www.interoperabilitybridges.com/html5-extension-for-wmp-plugin) prevents "LightShot" from working !
    Because WMPE 1.1 is the evil guy, I've increased the stars for LightShot from 1 to 5, with or without this incompatibility I like to give the deserved 5 stars.
  • yup.
    No full web page capture, yet?
  • It's light, it can upload the screenshot
    The File formats are: PNG, BMP, JPG
    No Spam, Advertising or Pop-Ups.

    BUT: It cannot make a screenshot of the whole website.

    If the creator would add PDF and whole-website-screen functionality, I'd totally be giving a donation.
  • Version 2.8.2 needs NPAPI plugin, so I'm using 3.0.0 which works fine [Firefox 15.0]. Light GUI, user-friendly, fast, what else do you want?
    It has everything I was looking for, just amazing!

    ** Just an idea: would be great to have the option of remembering the size and position of the selection **
  • Es facil de usar y muy util.Lo recomiendo.
  • One of the best and most important addons in FF or/and Chrome.
    I tested almost any screenshot addon and this is the best of all!!! You even can take screenshots of videos and flash.
  • The best screen capture addo I have met so far!!
  • great
  • very nice & light !
  • Just as i wanted...
  • Awesom! It has it all!
  • So simple and yet uber-useful!