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  • This is just brilliant, a must have for me and i install it as soon as i install a new Firefox, please please please bring it to Linux as i use Arch Linux for most of my browsing and playing this would be appreciated by Linux community
  • Why this great addon stopped using "right mouse click -> screenshot' option?
  • I really love Lightshot. It's my go to tool in Firefox for screenshots, but it's lacking a few essential features for me.

    Can you add blur tool to Lightshot?
    I also need an extra window with zoomed area where my mouse is for precise selection.

    These options would make Lightshot so much better. Hoping to see them soon.
  • Very intuitive and easy to use.
    Very powerful tools.
    Offers cloud services for the screenshots you take.
    Simply amazing
  • I'm used to a Mac and its screenshot keyboard shortcuts. When I go home and use my PC, I get frustrated by the process I have to adopt: open Snipping Tool, snag a bit of the screen, open it in Photo Viewer, Save it, go to the location of the file, and open it in Photoshop or import into Illustrator.

    With Lightshot, I can just snip a bit and copy it, then paste it into my document. HUGE time saver. I'm installing this on my Mac at work tomorrow. Thank you Serg!!
    Unfortunately our Firefox add-on works only on Windows. But you can try Lightshot application for Mac. You can download it from App Store. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.
  • In version 4.6.8 button not disappears from the default navigation bar of Mozilla, but it disappears from the vertical bars installed by another add-ons like Vertical Toolbar 1.0.9. where I put all my icons!
    Please fix it because Lightshot is a really great addition!
    Such annoying bugs makes using impossible!
  • very handy, so happy that I have discovered it.
    Upload to the cloud is a very useful feature, and marker also!
  • Hi, it's a good firefox addon but please add an option dialog to show or hide the Lightshot icon, because sometime there are problems with the skin, extra bar, other addons, etc, and the Lightshot icon is not rendered or it's hidden by another element of the Firefox interface.

    Thank you.


    My problem is similar to the "Trittydi" and "Tom Harding" problem. Please fix it.
  • Отличное приложение!
  • все просто ШИКАРНО!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Очень крутое приложение!
  • only had it a few seconds and i could tell right away what high quality it is...
    it even pauses videos some websites won't let you pause as soon as you click it
    and selecting an area and saving is so easy...
  • Light shot has been my baby for about 2 years now- maybe more. I just got around to writing a review (sorry!) and I have to say this has been incredibly useful to me. I can't say how many times I have had to use this to save a receipt or print something specific without going through the trouble of using the keys on the key-board. The fact that you can customize the image before you save it is also incredibly useful- I have used it to point out flaws in text/images to send to my classmates when working on a group project. Very very nice!
  • Превосходная работа на Мозилле, не то что на Хроме!
  • Fantastic, my go-to add-on for many screenshots (anything on-screen), but needs an option to capture entire web pages (long pages, off-screen). Maybe it can, but I couldn't find how. Well done in all other areas, hope the feature I mentioned is considered and added.
  • I love and depend on this app - but the icon keeps disappearing and I can't find a place to ask about this on the app page. I tried reloading it and still could not find it in my program listings - neither could my husband. I have a new computer with Windows 7. This is difficult when I depend on it so much.
    Please contact us at support@skillbrains.com and we will try to solve your problem.
  • Лучшее из всех для работы со скриншотами !!!
  • Just installed this tool and it was incredibly fast and easy. After installing, it takes you to a page where it gives you a quick tutorial. Like that I can easily manipulate the size of the page or image and have a choice of where I want the screenshot to go, including my own hard drive or sites like Pinterest.
  • Best capture addon i found
  • I use this more or less every day - it's so lightweight and a superb annotation tool. Naturally I was shocked to learn the icon had disappeared from the toolbar making it completely unusable!

    Thanks for your report. Please contact me at support@skillbrains.com so we can try to solve this problem.
  • Great tool, but how long the image stays on your server ?
  • Great, handy and a lightweight screenshot plugin. However it is buggy since last couple of releases. The icon is not showing up anywhere. Developer, please fix this bug!
  • Очень удобное дополнение.
    Возможности выделять области для копирования непосредственно в видео и флэш-приложениях, а также редактирование выделенной области прямо на странице приятно удивили меня. Именно этих функций мне не хватало в дополнении Fireshot, которое я использовал ранее. Спасибо!
  • Really good addon, but ... How can change the default folder wher to save screenshots?
  • The icon disapper in the toolbar!
    I had updated several times,this problem still exist.
    Plz deal with this,thx!!