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  • Hi, do you have plans on adding "Closed windows" functionality to this extension?
  • Please add a tip to see closed tab's url BEFORE reopen it.
    I like that idea, will try and do that when I next update the extension.
  • Need black and white icon
  • everything needed included, and nothing unwanted. Just perfect for me.
  • except the icon, every things is perfect, thanks!
    hope to change an icon close to native style.
  • Please add the option to disable the context menu.
  • I know there's a key combination for this, one that I can never memorize, but I like the button better.
  • 还不错,默认隐藏了恢复标签列表,需要到设置里面启用.不知道上限能设置显示多少个.
  • It's working well.Thanks.
  • It works correct.
  • Everything is simple and lovely. It is an exciting process.
  • cam on ban
  • Very useful,it should be a default extension.Thank you.