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  • Tried a bunch for FF57 and I find this one to be the best so far...took the suggestion of adding the Close Tab History Button and putting it beside this and it's a decent work-around. The only thing missing for me is the right click context menu option from anywhere on the page but I don't see any add-ons that do that anymore so maybe it's a limitation of FF, not sure. Anyway nice work and thanks!
  • I've tried several similar extensions originally taken from the Chrome Web Store, because they offered a number of nice features such as pagination or a search filter, but none worked properly with Firefox.

    This extension has no such issues. It not only reopens the tab as requested but it also retains the past browsing history so you can keep navigating back. It also integrates well with Tree Style Tab, in that a recovered tab goes back to the exact position it had in the tree before it was closed.

    If there are any things that could be improved it would be to replace the outdated screenshots on the Firefox Add-ons page and to disable the context menu on the popup panel.
  • I'm so happy this button is available again as I really missed it.
  • Очень удобно.
  • Can you make full list available by clicking it right mouse button?
    The main function by Ctrl+Z on keyboard would be awesome feature, too.
    Thx for reply)
    I am looking to add the first soon. I don't want to add the second till the support for keyboard short cuts in WebExtensions are better, right now it is limited.
  • Un bon remplacement à la fonction équivalente de Tab Mix Plus, merci !
  • Одна из самых нужных функций в браузере. И как мозила не сделало ее по умолчанию? Работает отлично! То, что нужно. Еще бы иконку поменять ближе к стандартному стилю и цены бы не было.
  • Works great on 57. Excellent extension, thanks for creating it!
  • fine add-on that replaces my old one post FF quantum. my only peeve is the icon, like others have stated. how about a option for a nice b/w or black icon, more in line with the new ff UI?

    thank you! great job!
  • Very nice addon but the icon doesn't look nice when you place the button besides the tab bar. Could you adapt the icon so it looks better on dark backgrounds?
  • great addon, love it
  • works like a charm,
    with option to restore tab list