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  • cool addon
  • This should be the default way of managing tabs for any desktop web browser. A must-have plugin.
  • Works well enough, but breaks in Nightly 74
  • mozilla
  • Does tabs, not very well. I understand it's due to new extensions API, but too bad, makes this extension useless. When not showing I'll get random popups about multiple tabs getting closed when I try to close one tab, with no explanation why. Uninstalling and dealing with the stupid default instead.
  • after using this, and accidentally found another add-ons called Sidebery. I think this needs to be developed further, because what is here is in the sidebery and even more features. Don't know why Firefox recommends these add-ons more than Sidebery
  • Laggy, bloated, too many useless features. Freezes every second for no reason.
  • OK va bene