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  • does not work at all
  • Used to work perfectly. Google recently updated the way it shows images. If you download another addon that restores the old version this addon still works

  • Не работает уже(( Does not work
  • Worked great until today, when I noticed Google completely changed image search (surprise surprise):
  • 非常に便利だったんですがGoogleの画像検索の仕様が変わったんで使えなくなりました。残念。
  • Works as it should, but on MacOS icon in a button is so big, that it breaks the layout.
  • Does it's job, but god damn is the globe button really big. I mean REALLY big, way bigger than the text.
  • working Fine
  • As it works (most of the time), the button is way too large.
  • Does absolutely nothing that I can see. Non-functional.
  • While this works, the button it adds is huge and ugly. There are other plugins that work better.
  • It work. Thanks you
  • It's working, but the button is way too large.
    PS: we can use duckduckgo instead.
  • It just works.
  • Does what it's supposed to :)
  • Doesn't work. Almost always gets you a 404 error from Google. In the other cases the button doesn't respond at all. Button is too large as well. I'll be uninstalling it now.