42 отзыва
  • I love the app. but I don't know why the view image button is that big
  • perfect - thanks
  • does what it promises
  • crypto miner
  • Seems to work well enough.
  • Brings back the feature Google removed
  • Thank god for this extension
  • Don't work
  • Does what it says. Thanks for putting the button back!
  • Stopped working after a few hours.
  • In order for it to work more than once, you have disable it then enable it for every single image. Otherwise it's just an extra "Visit" button.
  • This extension needs fixing. It does NOT work as advertised:

    (1) It links to the entire web page & not the image page only.
    (2) It sometimes link to a similar, but not EXACT image.
  • to the add on creator, you are doing gods. Thank you!
  • 10/10 best addon from recent years
  • Works as expected
    Console is spamming console.log lines however
    Fixed as of now in version 1.3