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  • I've used this extension on my 32 bit Firefox v39 and have recently added a 54 bit install for v 56 which was missing this tool so i had to add it here and love that I was able to change the location to where I live and add a second one.
  • It was working great and then I did a refresh on firefox and had to re-add forecastfox and now I cannot change location. The google map says error also and I believe this is an API issue in website needing to pay for upgrade in API. Nothing we can do as users. I still have it on my laptop and it works fine there for now but not on my desktop computer. Just keeps the location for New York where I do not live.
  • Wonderful and extremely useful add-on. Very unobtrusive and easy to read with customization for the end user available. Recommend for those who like to keep track the weather without having to switch to an outside application in the OS environment.
  • No longer works in Thunderbird
  • very nice work!, but need proxy
  • very good weather app!
  • this app is very well done i would like to see in the newest version colors as i see it only greys color but i think in the future it will be done. thanks for getting this addon reborn and keep up with the good work
  • Good
  • UPDATE as of 20190313 - and AGAIN other pop up from this extension !
    I have now formally requested that Mozilla take action and I very much hope they will soon, - especially when there are SO many great websites to get weather.
    (e.g. https://www.timeanddate.com/weather/)


    Oleksandr ..... you've done some fine work with this extension and others you've created, and myself and other users offer you our thanks for doing so.
    Now though, IT'S TIME TO PUT AN END TO / STOP YOUR PROMOTIONS PAGE from popping up every so often when it's neither needed nor wanted !
    If we users want to see your work record it's easily available from any of the add-on pages for the extensions you've released, and we don't need any other reminders suddenly appearing and stealing focus from what we are doing !
    I understand that you were warned previously by Mozilla about your extensions doing this but it seems to be happening again and IT NEEDS TO STOP !
    Be advised as well that I am not (nor are other users) interested in your reply (aka your rebuttal) to this complaint, - just STOP the promotions page from ever appearing again (beyond the time of first installation) so we can be done with this and move on - and can continue to enjoy using Firefox - which is probably the best piece of software on the planet !
    I sincerely hope this complaint gets resolved this time Oleksandr. I wish you and your family well. Thank you and have a nice day.
  • pleasing...
  • Best addon for weather!
  • Forcing tracking to see site in full page makes this a no go. Did not used to be this way.

    Current conversation with Accuwaeather

    Comments: My ad blocker is off. Yet I still get a banner that takes up a full third of the page asking me to turn it off.

    Hi Timmy,

    Thank you for using AccuWeather.com.

    The reason you are continuing to see the popup is because of an embedded feature in your Firefox browser, called Tracking Protection. This is an adblocker that is built into the web browser and is undetectable from ad block detectors.

    You are able to whitelist AccuWeather in your browser and allow ads on our website by a simple click. Go to AccuWeather.com like you normally would and look at the top of the page where you enter the web address. To the left, there is a shield. Click that shield and then click “Disable For This Site.” This will disable the adblock for AccuWeather.com only.

    Please reply back to this e-mail if you have additional questions.

    Been using this add-on for years this just started a couple weeks ago.


    AccuWeather Customer Support

    Been using this add-on for years this just started a couple of weeks ago.
    what do you mean?
    Forecastfox has absolutely no tracking any websites!
  • Works great, but I cannot find a link to the source code of the extension. Could you provide a link to the source code? Thanks.
    In 2017, mozilla disabled displaying the source code for all addons:
  • I've installed and uninstalled Forecastfox (fix version) several time. I don't live in New York, and when I attempt to change location, Forecastfox shows a Google map error, that the program can't open Google Map. Since there is no way to change or add locations, Forecastfox is useless. I'm using a weather app with less functions, but at least it works.
    it may be a conflict with other add-on.
    please temporarily disable the other add-ons and check again your problem