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  • Works but the Tabs Color are very Ugly. In the Old Firefox iot looks better.
  • Troy Cptn Mrld man. Clros fo hte skmo.
  • It works very well, but the only problem is that SpyHunter said it is has a malware inside. Would you please check it? Tried 3 times with fresh install but the result is the same
  • Works perfect, and have many options to pick the color in different manners and get the color in different formats.
  • I had read some reviews saying that this plug in had stopped working, but even a brief test showed that the core functionality is exactly as expect and very useful . Five stars, many thanks :-)
  • Wonderful.
  • Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator, simple pero util.
  • This is an extension I have on all my browsers :)
  • I like this tool. It is very practical. Good job. Thanks!
  • This is what makes developers HAPPY if you work with colors. Thanks for this pleasure
  • This add on very good for design web!!!!
  • Doesn't works on latest firefox versions
  • I'm not at all sure what this does or how to use it. Anybody know?
  • doesnt work at all. I have tried everything but couldnt pick any color anywhere. Its shit!
  • I am from India. ColorZilla is an excellent Add On; I am using the same for the last 2-3 years. Very much helpful in my design and development process. Thanks to Alex Sirota.
  • It works but in Firefox 57 it's buggy. The page shifts down leaving a white space, presumably to show the toolbar, but half the time the space created doesn't go when the addon is closed.

    It also screws up my framework theme's back end - which is precisely where I would be using it.