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  • easy to use
  • It is not working with the latest version of Firefox. I am unable to pick color. Can you please check and fix this?
  • I used to love this tool and I used it since it existed. Since the so called upgrade with this bunch of useless tools it became complicated. It's overloaded with too much tools I seriously never needed! All I need is a simple color picker which can add either the hex or the RGB value of my choice to clipboard everything else is overrated and not needed... but oh well I guess I have to use it since this is the only alternative which works with the current Quantum Version. I wish it would be more simple... or at least an alternative version of Colorzilla which only contains the colorpicker itself without such extravaganza...
  • Used to be better. No longer picks up the background color reliably. I don't know if its sampling from an area wider than one pixel, but it often gives me white, grey or black instead of the color it should.
  • I'm a little disappointed. Not bad but has to be improved.

    For Alex Sirota :

    I used for many time a very simple tool (colorPicker by Ryan Tate), but this extension is out of date because not compatible with Firefox 57+. By a small choice, I tried again ColorZilla. He's too heavy that I need (for this reason I prefer colorPicker), but I like some options, like paste HEX code in lowercase and the webpage color analyzer that could be useful.

    But, the cursor seems not to be very accurate and the main problem is that the menu of ColorZilla is too width and too slow to disappear! As many users, I work on a web design and I want to pick color faster than the speed of light ;) I'm sure your worked hard on this extension, but if the WebExtension API can do, just open the menu by a right click (or with a special menu button) and keep the left click just to start the color picker with the button and to get color, could be a good way in my opinion. And after the color is in the clipboard, do not wait to close the tool bar. Please do it, and I give you 4 or 5 stars, I'm sure like many users ;)
  • Does what I need.Thank you!
  • bad default behavior, slow, bugs with right color detection. Drop down menu doesn't allow quickly pick color in right side of the screen.
  • but make it work better when it inside "more tools..." thing.
  • Lastest version it is just joke... it doesnot work and it is moving the whole page while is detecting color.
  • It used to be perfect, simple, very useful and I used it for years. I don't get it if you improve something stick with what works and add feature but don't remove things which were useful! The simple color picker now does the work which needs to get done! I don't use ColorZilla any longer... The eyedropper doesn't show up - there is no option to click and hove over with the eyedropper or colorpicker...so I cannot pick a color of "MY" choice! All these generators and color paletts picks are meh... I don't need it - it uses also colors you don't need, well and yeah dude you are even not looking for... ColorZilla went from a simple useful tool to trash... go back to roots and we will love you again ;)
  • I'm a web designer and I had been using this plugins since the time I cant remember. But with recent updates UX is gone. It was very easy to use and never failed. Now color picking is like filling a govt form and wont work.

    I just created firefox account to submit a review for this handy tool that I'd been using everyday.
  • In Firefox, I couldn't even get it to simply show me the color as I moved across a page. I gave up and switched to ColorPicker.
  • Not now though. It's got awful lag, and always Picks the wrong colour - often black - when hovering the colour I need. Really has become quite crap across both Firefox and Chrome.
  • It was simple, you clicked then selected, now you click and you have to choose from a menu what you want to do.
  • Until recently this would be a 5 star review without question. Over the past few months however this adon has been absolutely decimated. It received a completely pointless overhaul which resulted in visual glitches making the eyedropper unusable and incorrect eyedropper results when it does work.

    I've been using a windows alternative for months but kept this thing on my system in the hope that it would be fixed... it wasn't. After today, when it couldn't even FIND the blue tone I was trying to match on the page at all, I'm done. Uninstalled.
  • I thing it will help everyone.
  • Если надо взять цвет с небольшого (тонкого) элемента, стало невозможно попасть, берет с другого участка. Всегда пользовалась, теперь это стало невозможным. Увы(
  • No entiendo quien hace TEST de software antes de su lanzamiento. Pero la ultima versión nunca debio salir. Es una broma. Inestable, horrible, Como puedo volver a la versión previa? Me obligas buscar otras soluciones.
  • That's wrong, very wrong
  • Been using this for years. Now it has become a really really really shitty add-on. There are so many visual glitches you simply cannot use it.