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  • Please add signing
  • Please update so I can continue to use this add-on!
  • Blocking pornhubb for no reason. Probably in anticipation for the pornhub ban in the UK (15 july) for under 18. Stupid feature it bans websites that I have not chosen.
  • приложение полный отстой , не понятно от куда берёт информацию о сайтах с вирусами. Сплошной обман. не доверяю приложению и удалил его что рекомендую сделать и остальным.
  • gutes add-on, hilfreich
  • Does not work. Blocked accounts.youtube.com and google still managed to log me in on youtube. (etc/hosts is blocked on my machine so I was looking for alternative solution)
  • Career saving extension
  • easy to use and it works.
  • Excelente extensión, pido que puedan cambiar las imágenes que salen y los nombres.
    Del resto, excelente.
  • The adult content blocker does not work, the most common adult sites are still accesible. On the other hand, it is easy to bypass the password of the extension page only by removing the HTML node with the inspector. And finally, as a feature request, it would be useful if you implement a whole page word filter.
  • I could have rate it 5 stars if it had the ability to either: configure 1) different schedules for different sites in the block list; or 2) at least configure different schedules for different days of the week, even if for all sites in the block list (as a whole). Examples for both scenarios:
    1) block site A for Mo/Tu/We/Th/Fr from 19:00 to 00:00 and for Sa/Su from 10:00 to 00:00;
    block site B, period!
    2) block all the sites in the block list for Mo/Tu/We/Th/Fr from 19:00 to 00:00 and for Sa/Su from 10:00 to 00:00;

    Another useful feature would be to allow a given time interval (in timer or countdown style) to access a site in the block list, if defined by the user as an extra to the scheduling, again either 1) site by site; or 2) as a whole, that is, applied to all sites in the block list. Example: I want to have the possibility to access Site A for 01:00 any day of the week, regardless of the scheduling rules defined above. That 01:00 time frame would reset every midnight.

    Nevertheless, it's a good Firefox extension! ;-)