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  • Well done! But it should have more features like "Element Hiding Helper"

  • bien jouer

  • Browsing the Internet can be so simple!

    Thanks for the developer's extension!

  • AdBlock Plus перестал блокировать рекламные блоки платформы Relap.io. Смысла в таком блокировщике нет. Буду искать альтернативу.

  • Gosto da precisão. Faz aquilo que promete.

  • Eh, it works ok but fails to block certain script popup attacks and either bleeds memory horribly or is failing to block some scripts which do so. uBlockOrigin is probably better and its block lists are updated more frequently.

  • Я забыл,что такое РЕКЛАМА!!!!!

  • it works like heaven, thanks!

  • Works with almost all websites. There are some website that has some neat little javascript tricks that will allow it to spam you with pop-ups, but other than that, it is good.

  • Me gusta esta estension

  • Best App of all Time

  • Fully working . love it

  • Causes Firefox to hemorrhage RAM and render pages extremely slowly. Inferior in every way to uBlock Origin.

  • Очень сильно тормозит браузер. Отказался от использования.

  • blocks too much on right side of email list cannot widen my screen so I can read all text

  • Я благодарю Вас. Я не представляю работу в интернете без Вас.


  • 很好用

  • Ok

  • Стабильность и постоянство!

  • Es simple y buena

  • It WORKS!!!! Too many promises & lies on most of the net. This does exactly what it states & does it very, very well!

  • Allows some advertisements. Ublock Origin is better! and opensource!

    Ответ разработчика


    There seems to be some misunderstandings about our Acceptable Ads Initiative. Users are still in control, and can disable “allow acceptable ads” in options. If you still experience ads with this option disabled, please be advised that these are more than likely NOT Acceptable Ads. In these cases please send us the URL along with a screenshot of your subscribed filter lists to support@adblockplus.org. We are usually able to get these reported to the filter list team and resolved. Rest assured no company can pay us to have their ads shown. Publishers have to meet the criteria set by the Acceptable Ads Committee before being considered. Most companies actually pay us nothing at all. You can find more details regarding Acceptable Ads here https://acceptableads.com.

    ABP Support Team

  • ok

  • thank you.