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  • Es simple y buena

  • It WORKS!!!! Too many promises & lies on most of the net. This does exactly what it states & does it very, very well!

  • Allows some advertisements. Ublock Origin is better! and opensource!

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    There seems to be some misunderstandings about our Acceptable Ads Initiative. Users are still in control, and can disable “allow acceptable ads” in options. If you still experience ads with this option disabled, please be advised that these are more than likely NOT Acceptable Ads. In these cases please send us the URL along with a screenshot of your subscribed filter lists to support@adblockplus.org. We are usually able to get these reported to the filter list team and resolved. Rest assured no company can pay us to have their ads shown. Publishers have to meet the criteria set by the Acceptable Ads Committee before being considered. Most companies actually pay us nothing at all. You can find more details regarding Acceptable Ads here https://acceptableads.com.

    ABP Support Team

  • ok

  • thank you.

    Its the solution for ads that you can find, just dont forget to show your Love by donating!

  • No me puedo quejar, hace lo que debe hacer.

  • Es una buena aplicación :3 una de las mejores que eh probado se merece sus 5 estrellas

  • macht das internet übersichtlicher, weil die werbung sonst oft stört. abp ist mein wichtigstes add-on im browser.

  • hej.jag heter peter sandstedt.
    adblocker plus är den i marknaden absoluta i topp blocker,
    super bra och funkar till hundra procent.tack för den

  • Блокирует рекламу

  • 非常强大,很好!

  • Cumpre o prometido.

  • I'm a former user. Don't install this; you want uBlock Origin.
    It does everything thus can do and more; it uses fewer resources (it's faster); it allows for different levels of user involvement vs. protection.
    Oh yes, uBlock Origin is not fundamentally an ad-blocker: it is a general purpose blocker that can and does block ads.

    The basic idea: YOU decide what your browser downloads.
    The developer refuses donations.

  • Very good!

  • i love blocking stupid ads with this addon, would recommend 11/10

  • It used to work perfectly fine previously but after the recent firefox update it doesn't work anymore and I don't know why. I tried all the settings but it's not helping me. I'll share a print grab if you want. and it's really annoying to see those profane ads.

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    Thanks for reaching out to us with your feedback! We are more than happy to help! Can you please send us an example URL where you experience ads along with a screenshot of your filter lists and custom filters to support@adblockplus.org? We will run a few test on our end and get back to you with a resolution. We look forward to your follow up!

    ABP Support Team

  • 百度网盟的广告也可以屏蔽^-^

  • The product is very good i love is. Keep up the good work.
    Thanks .Herman.

  • good

  • Always use it to stop adds

  • this add-on makes me M O I S T

  • like it

  • extremely helpful