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  • I love this screenshot, but the new Firefox 68.0 is not compatible.. once this is fixed, i can change the stars to 5 and reload it for use.
    Please update it manually.
  • もっと使ってみないとわからないところもあるけれど、第一印象はとても素晴らしいです。
  • Does all I need on Linux Mint 18 with Firefox 67.0.4
  • Fantastic for working effectively with the web
  • Very handy plugin. Would get 6 stars from me if it wouldn't insert a page break in the middle of an image.
  • Works perfectly, very convenient tool with a lot of options even in the unpaid version. Would recommend this to anybody that is looking for a simple-to-use tool to capture content on any webpages
  • As stated in description, saves an image of page. So, in saved Pdf, text is not editable. Limits its usefulness.
  • You simply want to capture or save what you can see on the screen, but often the browser's print [preview] gives you blank pages with just a line outline of an invisible frame or messed up formatting.
    Many of the screen capture extensions I have tried work on some pages, but fail on others.
    This app has not yet failed with any page I have asked it to capture.
    Well done!
  • Very easy and straight forward to use. It have not failed me yet in over 100 captures!