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  • Simple et efficace. Impossible de m'en passer.
  • Sometimes things look great and perform great, but with a hidden cost!!! I believe on your second to last update, permission requests were changed(ALL website data). key word ALL. I sent an email to please explain, responded quickly. I must say I love the extension, but my new anti-keylogger detection software just flagged your extension in both firefox and chrome. No other extensions were flagged(I have quite a few). another words, it deleted it. I have a log for the reason. If you decide to comment, I'll be happy to e-mail you the log.
  • This screenshot software is very well thought out, performs excellently. I really like it.
  • Very easy to use and a great way of retaining records of all descriptions when a download is not available
  • Perfect tool for me, especially for making screenshots of a whole website.
  • This works for me and is very useful. Thankyou for making it.
  • Fireshot preserves the web page as you saw it as a pdf or an image file. I had been looking for this functionality for a looooong time. Fireshot is the PURRRFECT answer.

    Thanks for the great job.