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  • Здравствуйте! У меня проблема с расширением FoxyProxy Standard, которая начала проявляться только с выходом версии Firefox 65.0. На 64.0 всё нормально. Проблема в следующем: при загрузке сайтов через внутрисистемный прокси организованный с помощью TOR Expert bundle, в частности это качается yandex.ru и его сервисов, происходит подвисание интерфейса браузера, иногда значительные. Всё работает, но нигде не нажимается ни одна кнопка или ссылка. Потом проходит при полной загрузке. Такое наблюдается только с сайтами, работающими через FoxyProxy. Пробовал устанавливать версию Firefox 66.0b8, без изменений. Нормально работает только на версии до 64.0.

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    Hello! I have a problem with the extension FoxyProxy Standard, which began to appear only with the release of version 65.0 of Firefox. At 64.0, everything is fine. The problem is this: when downloading sites through an intrasystem proxy organized with the help of the TOR Expert bundle, in particular, it is downloaded by yandex.ru and its services, the browser interface hangs, sometimes significant. Everything works, but nowhere is any button or link clicked. Then passes when fully loaded. This is observed only with sites that work through FoxyProxy. I tried to install the version of Firefox 66.0b8, unchanged. Normally works only on versions up to 64.0.
  • The addon started to crash my Nightly 67. Not a problem at the moment since nightly is a testing build, but yet.

    UPDATE: I updated Nightly, tried to reproduce it and failed myself, me dumb ass should've saved a crash report while I could) Used to crash while opening any site. Sorry to disturb you, like I said - a bug in a developer build isn't a bug yet. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    I cannot reproduce this problem. Does it crash at startup or when you're interacting with FoxyProxy, or when FoxyProxy is proxying data?
  • perfetto con la configurazione socks con autenticazione
  • 沒有中文的看不懂呀.希望能加個中文版的, 謝謝
  • Thank you for your extension!
  • Best proxy switcher around. The pre-webextensions version was a tad better (better UI, more powerful rules syntax) but this one is totally fine now.
  • It's ok but UI is clunky, poorly designed and there's no quickadd/autoadd from pre-webextensions era. At least a button in addon dropdown to quickly add URL to whitelist would be sufficient.