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  • Why does the latest version require Cookie and History permissions?
    So it can delete cookies when clicking that new button. It probably does not need history permissions; I will check that.
  • What's up with the Cookie and History permission?
    New feature "Del Browsing Data" ... look above the "About" link when you open the main options page. it probably does not need history permissions because it does not delete history, but it does need cookie permissions. i will fix the history permission shortly.
  • 现在这个只有英语的,没有本地的语言???
  • Can you comment please on support for android version of Firefox?
    It installs okay, configures etc, but it does not look it works. Websites still show home IP.

    It works really nice for Windows version of the Firefox.
    Won't work on Android until Firefox supports its proxyAPI for Android. I'll update the description of this addon with that info.
  • It's a very useful extension
  • Pretty pretty well。
  • The go to FireFox extension for managing proxy connections. I have been using this extension for years, and it's still the best tool for the job IMHO...
  • Auto-sync future dont works for me. Any suggestions? Firefox Sync is on.
  • Pretty good, but still looking around. Any suggestions?
  • good.
  • Can you make it work again on Thunderbird 52.7 please ?
  • すばらしいです。これ使っとけばまちがいない。

    great. It will be no dout to use it.