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  • 基本機能はすべて正常、残念だけど一番目当てのToogle機能はなくなった。他に色々試したがみんな同じ、たぶん新しいFFの仕様かと。
    everything runs fine,but i think [click icon to toggle proxys] and [a large icon on proxy menu ] will be better.
  • Ok
  • Perform good when manually swith between proxys, but when I open a web page using patterns and priorities, it seems to auto swith among different proxys and does not work at all.
    It is supposed to switch between different proxies in that mode. If it is slow, that is almost certainly your proxies servers poor performance. Try running speed test.net on them without FoxyProxy. Free proxies are always slow, that is why we sell fast ones.