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  • Harika.Basit kullanımıyla bence en iyi adblock uygulaması bu.
  • Chose it over uBlock because of its AcceptableAds policy, which I found sensible.

    Had to drop it and switch to uBlock because it has been opening an alert tab for a month at every beginning of browsing session, while it desactivated every settings I had for the addon.
  • mantulllll
  • In my experience online(now in my third decade), having AB+ is just like 1997 on Netscape Navigator-ZERO ads! Just disable for a moment if you need to comment/order/post! 5 of 5.
  • I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden, I'm seeing ads everywhere. I still have AdBlock installed, and I have a list of what I'm blocking, and yet I'm getting ads from these things I blocked. Did y'all do an update or something and that's why it's not working?
  • Hard to customize - useless.