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  • Excelente : )
  • There's not much point in using an adblock that makes deals with advertisers to whitelist their ads when there are user-oriented adblocks out there.
  • Este add-on me estaba jodiendo la carga de las paginas web, hasta el punto que muchas ya ni me cargaban. Ha sido deshabilitarlo y listo.
  • It has been used for a long time, it is very useful, but unfortunately the function has often suddenly failed. The situation is not a single page, but all the pages in the entire browser, but also invalid.

    You need to try to repeat the refresh key many times, and wait a long time to recover successfully, which is extremely unstable. After returning the question, in the guidelines for returning mail, it is just the same basic action as above. The facts are often tried before the return, meaning little.

    Please pay attention to the problem and improvement. Now I have switched to other Add-on, and I will consider trying again later.

    THX !!

    已經用了很久, 本來是很好用的, 可惜功能最近經常突然失效。而情況並非單一頁面, 而是整個瀏覽器內的所有頁面, 也同時失效。

    需要嘗試重複多次refresh鍵, 等很久才可成功恢復, 極度不穩定。在回報問題後, 在回郵的指引中, 也只不過同樣是如上的基本動作。事實在回報前已是經常嘗試中, 意義不大。

    請留意問題及改善, 現在暫時已轉用其他Add-on, 稍後才考慮再次試用。

  • Firefox wird extrem langsam, wenn dieses Addon installiert ist. Außerdem lässt sich der Anbieter von Firmen bezahlen, damit die Werbung eben doch angezeigt wird. Darauf stehe ich überhaupt nicht. Lieber uBlock Origin benutzen. ;)
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