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  • Es ist einfach SUPER.....

    That's GREAT !

  • Great addon!

  • I can only say, give Wladimir Palant the Nobel Prize for an enduring contribution to humanity. My gratitude cannot be expressed in words.

  • I will keep Firefox forever because of this on add-on. After having this add-on for some time, I refuse to use any other browser.

  • I've just installed it and I'm stunned: I'm using an approximately 1 MBit/sec cellphone modem access, opening Firefox with five URLs (newspapers and weather report etc.). ABP cut my initial traffic from 8 MBytes to 1.2 MBytes and my startup time from 60 sec. to 30 sec.! I don't know how I could live without it until now!!!

  • Probably the best Firefox Add On every created.

  • Filtre même trop bien

  • I don't use Firefox without this.

  • most essential addon. Whenever I'm in a Library or somesuch using their computers with no adblock, I find myself baffled by how many annoying blinky and sometimes disgusting ads there are. I'm so used to life without them with adblock.


  • I've been using it for years now I think, and was usually happy with. However, if the startup time of firefox is really ~ 20-30 seconds due to Adblock Plus (it is on my system), as stated in some comments, this would be the only thing to improve, but even if it is the cause, it is acceptable.

    As said, don't forget to also install Element Hiding Helpe, and aditionally, OptimizeGoogle is also very useful (95% of ads in Google seem to be fraudential/spam-like). Some really annoying ads can be blocked by using the hosts file on your computer, by adding for example creatives.livejasmin.com livejasmin.com media.etology.com pages.etology.com

    Oh, and I usually block ads that are either fraudential, or just annoying or useless anyway. If you ever changed the channel when an ad came on TV, you shouldn't have a big ethical problem with it. Everyone (usually) has to pay for internet access anyway, and there are and probably will always be lots of great websits without any ads. And there are still some interesting ads I look at.

  • Thank you.

  • the badass Batman of add-ons!
    don't forget its Robin (Adblock Plus: Element Hiding Helper 1.0.6):


  • I couldn't live without this plugin, easily customizable, speeds up page loading, provides clean webpages. Blocks 85% of ads.

    A Definite download for any Mozilla user.

  • I like this add-on, it was easy. Thank you.

  • I like this add-on, it was easy.

  • Une superbe extension pour bloquer les pubs. ;)

  • Super plugin!

  • Super plugin!

  • It couldn't be any better, could it really?

  • Blocks all the annoying ads, and if any ad is not blocked, you can easily press the block button, and you'll never see the ad again.

  • Marketing agencies hire people to bash this program all the time. Do not be fooled, it is one of the top ten greatest programs of our time. It is true that as of yesterday the new Facebook layout doesnt have its ads blocked but give it a little time. I would say within the week it will be.

  • Well done!

  • Does exactly what it's supposed to do (block annoying ads), and does it very well. I don't know of anyone who enjoys an ad-ridden internet, but with this add-on you don't have to worry about such things.

    It's absolutely indispensable. To realize how essential it really is, just try browsing the web without it. I promise it won't be a pleasant experience.

  • So far, so good. Seems to be working superfine. I upgraded from the previous version of Adblock and it remembered all the filters I'd set previously. Thank you, Mr. Wladimir Palant.

  • Grandios!